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Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Buy Nintendo 3DS

By Yenoscyu

Nintendo 3DS

If you want to buy Nintendo handheld console or other brand, just postpone it for a while. There’ll be a gaming device in short time that may just bring a new experience in playing games. Yup, Nintendo will launch the Nintendo 3DS in March for North America, after previously released in Japan on February 26. Nintendo 3DS price would be $ 250 in North America.

Nintendo 3DS reportedly is a sophisticated gaming device that exceeds the ability of current Nintendo handheld consoles. What is Nintendo 3DS offered? Here are a few reasons why you may consider to buy Nintendo 3DS and not other handheld consoles.

1. Amazing 3D Games Experience

If you buy Nintendo 3DS you will be able to play games in 3D and without the need to wear special glasses! Enjoy the experience with your naked eyes and you will get more fun with this 3D effect. In addition, you can watch 3D videos specially made for the Nintendo 3DS. So you do not need to buy an expensive 3D TV just to feel the excitement of 3D effect.

2. Messaging Service

You will get this feature if you buy Nintendo 3DS. This technology lets you send and receive messages from your registered friends via the Nintendo WiFi Connection. There is Notification LED that will alert you when you get new messages.

3. Backward Compatibility

For those of you who are interested in Nintendo DS games but still unable to buy the handheld and its games, then do not worry. If you buy Nintendo 3DS then you will be able to play almost all Nintendo DS or DSi games available.

4. Motion Gaming

Yup, you can feel the sensation of motion gaming if you buy Nintendo 3DS. You can move the Nintendo 3DS up, down, or side to side in order to finish the motion games created for Nintendo 3DS.

5. Huge Library of Games

What will happen to the handheld console if it is not backed up with quality games? It will be vanished. Fortunately, Nintendo 3DS has received assurance of support from many big name third parties to produce Nintendo 3DS games. Some games you can play if you buy Nintendo 3DS among other:

– Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

– Dead Or Alive: Dimensions

– Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy

– Dragon Quest (working title)

– Final Fantasy (working title)

– The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

– Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

– Ninja Gaiden (working title)

– Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS

– Resident Evil: Revelations

– Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

– Tales of The Abyss

6. 2 GB Memory Card

You can get this capacity if you buy Nintendo 3DS and you can do things like storing downloaded games from Nintendo’s eShop, storing sound recording made on Nintendo 3DS, music from your PC, and 3D photos.

7. SpotPass And StreetPass Mode

SpotPass is the ability of Nintendo 3DS to detect the presence of WiFi signal and download content such as game data, free software, and video, although Nintendo 3DS in Sleep Mode. Meanwhile, StreetPass is the ability in Sleep Mode to exchange data with anyone you meet on the street. You still can control what data you will exchange. These features will be yours if you buy Nintendo 3DS.

Those are some reasons why you need to buy Nintendo 3DS and not other handheld consoles. Let us prove whether Nintendo 3DS indeed has the quality as reported and you really ought to buy Nintendo 3DS.

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