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Best Selling Video Game Books This Month

By Yenoscyu

Best Video Game Books

Video game books could be a very valuable source for gamers. Through good video game books, gamers can get a variety of things related to the games. For example, he can get the best strategy to beat the game, get in-depth guide, find all the secrets, and get a collection of amazing pictures. Video game books keep you connect with a game even when you are away from the controller or keyboard.

There are so many video game books on the market. The video game books are usually packed attractively and have outstanding writing style that makes you want to read the rest of the pages.

Below I give you 5 current best-selling video game books in random order.

1. The Art of BioShock Infinite

By Irrational Games

Best Seller Video Game Books

This book is one of must read video game books by BioShock fans. Comes with deluxe hardcover, it features concept illustrations and productions designs for various characters in the game such as Elizabeth, Songbird, and Booker DeWitt. You can also watch the evolution of the Sky-Hook, Vigors, the Heavy Hitters, airships, and so much more.

It’s printed on very high quality paper. The pictures/concept arts in this book are all amazing. It seems that the total of 184 pages may be not enough for BioShock fans.

It’s no doubt, this book is one of video game books you should put into your collection.

2. METRO 2033. (ENGLISH Ebook) The novel behind the METRO: LAST LIGHT video game. [Kindle Edition]

By Dmitry Glukhovsky

Best Seller Video Game Books

This novel is one of the video game books that has been international best seller and translated into 35 languages. It has breathtaking original story that gave birth to the video games “Metro: Last Light” and “Metro 2033”.

Metro 2033 tells the story of mankind’s struggle to survive in a world that has been hit by a terrible disaster. Earth’s surface has become very toxic and very dangerous to live. A group of refugees survive in the Moscow underground and struggling to survive. Their actions will determine the fate of mankind.

This novel is well written that can make you keep reading it until finished. Although the story is somewhat different to that in the game, this 461 pages novel will carry you out in it and will surprise you at the end.

Yup, this book is one of the must-read video game books by those who have played the game and also for those who want a taste of this genre.

3. Candy Crush Game Guide: Kindle Fire HD Edition

By Candy Cane APPS

Best Seller Video Game Books

This book is one of video game books that is perfect for board and puzzle game lovers. You will find very detail information everything about Candy Crush game, including tips, cheats, hacks, and strategies so you can play till the last level and get maximum points.

4. The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

By Guinness World Records

Best Seller Video Game Books

This 216 pages book is one of video game books that can give you a variety of interesting information about video games world. In this book you will find a variety of record that occurred in the gaming world, the most updated news about games, tips and hints, along with so many great imagery and interesting facts on most popular games including the well-known classic games.

No doubt, this book is one of video game books that deserve to put into your collection.

5. Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program By Making Cool Games

By The LEAD Project

Best Seller Video Game Books

This is one of video game books that will reveal how the Scratch, wildly popular educational programming language, works. You will be taught the basic concept of programming in a fun and easy way. The step by step instructions in this book plus fun programming challenges will have your kids or anyone who read this book could create their own games in no time.

This book is one of video game books that is perfect for your kids or for those that just learning the programming language. Although the games you make through the Scratch look simple, but they have instilled a very important basic concepts in programming such as how to use variables, loops, animations, timing, and pseudorandom numbers.

Undoubtedly, this 160 pages book is one of video game books you must buy as it presents a variety of basic programming concepts in a fun way and very easy to follow.

Well, that’s some of the current best-selling video game books. Those video game books come with very attractive appearance, well written and easy to understand. They also have lots of various and great illustrations and maps to facilitate your understanding of the information provided. Those video game books definitely will be a great help to complete the games and explore every nook and cranny.

Happy gaming.

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