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Epic Mickey Cheats Revealed

Disney Epic Mickey Cheats

Disney Epic Mickey (Epic Mickey for short) is one of fun games for the Wii. This game requires your creativity for getting through the levels. As Mickey, armed with the magic paint brush, thinner, and other cool stuff, you are required to restore the Wasteland. You can do anything with these tools, for example enemies can be destroyed totally using the thinner or befriended by revitalizing them with the paint. Any hurdles could be cleared out from the actual physical presence using paint thinner and then restored again using the paint.

Epic Mickey can get you addicted. To add to the fun when you play it, don’t hesitate to use some Epic Mickey cheats below.

Unlock Classic Disney Cartoons
You can use the Epic Mickey cheats below to uncover some old Disney cartoons at the Extras menu.

All you have to do is to gather several invisible film reels throughout the 2D transition levels (between game sections). To unlock Mickey Mouse in “The Mad Doctor” you need to find 6 film reels, and to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in “Oh What a Knight” you need to collect 14 film reels.

Unlock New Game + Mode
To begin a 2nd playthrough with all earlier gathered items, you need to use the Epic Mickey cheats below.

First, you have to finish the game. After that, load the cleared saved game data file to begin a 2nd playthrough.

Unlock Walt Disney’s Apartment
Use the following Epic Mickey cheats to get to Walt Disney’s Apartment.

Go back to Mean Street once you successfully finish “The Lonesome Manor” level. Speak to the Gremlin at the Penny Arcade to discover the machine offers an additional function, however demands THIRTY Power Sparks in order to trigger. He’ll inform you which some thing has triggered at the Fire Station after you give him the Power Sparks. Jump up to the window over the door at the Fire Station. Gus may ask if you wish to enter Walt Disney’s apartment. Inside is a piece of concept art as well as a couple of gold E-Tickets along with Oswald on them that are really worth 150 Tickets. Note: The Oswald Tickets won’t appear again.

Well guys, that’s some Epic Mickey cheats I found. Hopefully those Epic Mickey cheats can bring so much fun when you play this exciting game.

Happy gaming.

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