Yugioh Tag Force 5 Cheats

Yugioh Tag Force 5 Cheats Explained

Yugioh Tag Force 5

Yugioh Tag Force 5 is one of the best games in the series. There are more than 4,500 cards you can use, interact with more than 100 characters, and 4 player ad-hoc gameplay. You will need about 300 hours of gameplay while watching cool 3D animation. You will love the game even more if you now the secret or use some of Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats below.

Special Discount for Booster Pack
Just do the following Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats to get nice discount and eventually unlock the Picking Flowers pack.

All you have to do is to give the shop owner the figurines of Card Ejector, Cyber Tutu, Dark Magician Girl, Ebon Magician Curran, and White Magician Pikeru. You will get 10% discount per figurine. After you give all five figurines then you will unlock Picking Flowers pack.

High Noon Constellation
You will unlock the High Noon Constellation by using the Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats below.

At the card shop just press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, L, R, L, R, SQUARE, TRIANGLE.

Change Partner’s Costumes
Use these Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats if you want your partners wear different costumes.

You must defeat certain character 50 times, then partner with him/her and go to Martha’s place. Select 2nd option when you speak to her. The day will end and your partner should have worn different costume and his/her hearts will reset and use a different deck type.

Alternate Costumes How to Unlock
Rua/Leo’s Academy Uniform Beat Leo 50 times
Ruka/Luna’s Academy Uniform Beat Luna 50 times
Akiza’s Academy Uniform Beat Akiza 50 times
Yusei’s Poncho Beat Yusei 50 times

Special Characters
You will unlock special characters by using Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats below.

Unlockable Characters How to Unlock
Jack Atlas (Imposter) Beat Lazar’s story
Jakob Beat Luna, Akiza, Vizor, Crow, Jack’s Story
Kalin Kessler Beat Leo’s story
Lazar Beat Crow’s Story
Lester Beat Leo and Luna’s story
Mina Simington Beat Tetsu Trudge’s story
Primo (Placido) Beat Vizor’s Story
Sherry LeBlanc Beat Akiza Izinski’s (Normal) story
Vizor Beat Yusei’s (Normal) Story
Fake Jack Atlas Beat Jack, Carly, Lazar’s story

Special Cards
Use the Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats below to unlock special cards in the game.

Unlockable Cards How to Unlock
Ancient Fairy Dragon Beat Luna’s (Normal) Story
Black Rose Dragon Beat Akiza’s (Normal) Story
Black-Winged Dragon Beat Crow’s Story
Chevalier De Fleur Beat Sherry LeBlanc’s Story
Dark Armed Dragon Beat Mina’s Story
Dark Highlander Beat Fake Jack’s Story
Future Visions Beat Carly’s Story
Goyo Guardian Beat Trudge’s Story
Heavenly King Black Highlander Beat Fake Jack’s Story
Infernity Doom Dragon Beat Kalin’s Story
Jester Queen Beat Lazar’s Story
Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity Beat Jakob’s Story
Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity Beat Lester’s Story
Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity Beat Primo’s Story
Power Tool Dragon Beat Leo’s (Normal) Story
Red Nova Dragon Beat Jack’s Story
Red Rose Dragon Beat Akiza’s Story
Scrap Twin Dragon Beat Yusei’s (Poncho) Story
Shooting Star Dragon Beat Yusei’s (Normal) Story
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Beat Luna’s (Academy) Story
Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000 Beat Vizor’s Story
Ultimate Axon Kicker Beat Akiza’s (Academy) Story
Wattchimera Beat Leo’s (Academy) Story

How about those Yugioh Tag Force 5 cheats above? Hopefully you find them useful and can keep you play the game for 300 hours.

Happy gaming.

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