Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats

Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats You Should Know

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Monster Hunter 3rd for PSP has sold at least 4.7 million units worldwide, making it the fastest selling game in Capcom’s history and the fastest selling PSP title in Japan. In this series, Monster Hunter 3rd presents brand new areas, creatures, and also a modified Felyne combat system.

Monster Hunter 3rd is one of PSP games that you must play. To add to the fun, don’t hesitate to use the Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats below.

Infinite Scraps
If you want to get unlimited amount of a specific scraps, just follow the Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats below.

To start with, speak to the Felyne which produces equipment created for Felynes. Choose “Aquire Scrap Items” [2nd Option]. Pick to Aquire Scraps out of your Bag [1st Option]. Make Scraps. Instantly open up your own bag later on and the product you decide to make scraps might remain there, and also the scraps created may also be positioned within your box. To prevent this particular glitch, merely decide to produce scraps out of your box [2nd Option] rather than the [1st Option] from the bag. The item which you created scraps through should really be there.

Continue doing the Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats above to acquire unlimited quantity of particular scraps.

How to Unlock Movies
Just use several Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats below to unlock several Movies available.

Unlockables Movies Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats
Amatsumagatsuchi Ecology Kill Amatsumagatsuchi
Jinouga Ecology Catch or kill one Jinouga
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Festival Event Finish the 4 star Urgent Quest
Monster Hunter Portbale 3rd In- Game Intro Just start a new game
Qurupeco Ecology Catch or kill one Qurupeco
Uragaan Ecology Catch or kill one Uragaan
Urukususu Ecology Catch or kill one Urukususu.

There you have it. Hopefully those Monster Hunter 3rd Cheats above can really add your fun when playing this cool game.

Happy gaming.

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