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Top Selections of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (shortened to the Modern Warfare 2) is a successful multiplatform game. This game has sold over 4.7 million copies worldwide within 24 hours since its release and earned revenue of $ 310 million, exceeding the income earned by Grand Theft Auto IV. For those Xbox 360 fans, here are top selections of Modern Warfare 2 cheats to bring more fun when playing this awarded game.

Infinite grenades: Equip a grenade launcher to one of your guns while using the One Man Army perk. When you run out of grenade, use One Man Army, select the class you were just using, and you will have two more grenades for the tube. Everything else will refill then. Repeat this as many times as you like.

Kill Juggernaut Fast: Just shoot a Juggernaut in the face with the Thumper to kill it instantly.

Infinite Claymores: This Modern Warfare 2 cheats will work if you create a class with the Scavenger perk and claymores. It will work best if you stay in a room. Every time your enemy comes through it and gets killed, scavenge his body for another, set up claymore again, and repeat this process. You can put down claymores as many as you want.

Unlockable Professional Perks: Complete each requirement to get the corresponding Professional perk that will upgrade your skill and ability.

Bling Pro, unlocked by having 200 kills with a weapon with two attachments. The effect is 2 secondary weapon attachments and 2 primary weapon attachments.

Cold-Blooded Pro: unlocked by destroying 40 enemy Killstreak rewards with Cold-Blooded Perk. The effect is undetectable by air support, sentries, thermal imaging, and UAV. Plus, no name and red crosshair when you are targeted.

Marathon Pro: unlocked by running 26 miles with Marathon Perk. The effect is climb obstacles faster and unlimited sprint.

Ninja Pro: unlocked by having 50 close range kills with Ninja Perk. The effect is silent footsteps and invisible to heartbeat sensor.

Scavenger Pro: unlocked by resupplying 100 times with Scavenger Perk. The effect is extra magazines and resupply from dead enemies.

Sleight of Hand Pro: unlocked by having 120 kills with Sleight of Hand Perk. The effect is faster aiming and faster reloading.

Stopping Power Pro: unlocked by having 300 kills with Stopping Power Perk. The effect is extra damage to enemy vehicles and extra bullet damage.

Sniper Camouflage: Complete the Ghillie In The Mist challenge in Multiplayer mode with each requirement of one-shot kills with sniper rifles to unlock Ghillie camouflage suit.

Desert Camo: unlocked by having 200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Urban Camo: unlocked by having 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Arctic Camo: unlocked by having 50 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Killstreak Rewards: You will get rewards after having certain consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode before dying.

Tactical Nuke: unlocked by having 25 kills. The effect is kills everyone on map.

EMP: unlocked by having 15 kills. The effect is disables enemy electronic.

AC130 Gunship: unlocked by having 11 kills. The effect is be the gunner of the AC130.

Stealth Bomber: unlocked by having 9 kills. The effect is undetectable airstrike.

Predator: unlocked by having 5 kills. The effect is guided missiles.

Counter UAV: unlocked by having 4 kills. The effect is disables enemy radar.

UAV: unlocked by having 3 kills. The effect is shows enemy location on mini map.

Achievements: Complete each achievement to get certain number of Gamerscore points.

The Price of War (90 points): unlocked by completing the single player campaign on Veteran or Hardened Difficulty.

Star 69 (90 points): unlocked by earning 69 stars in Special Ops.

For the Record (35 points): unlocked by completing the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.

Specialist (30 points): unlocked by earning 30 stars in Special Ops.

Black Diamond (25 points): unlocked by completing Cliffhanger on Veteran Difficulty.

Honor Roll (20 points): unlocked by earning at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.

Royale with Cheese (15 points): unlocked by defending Burger Town.

Colonel Sanderson (10 points): unlocked by killing 7 chickens below 10 seconds in The Hornet’s Nest.

Desperado (10 points): unlocked by killing 5 enemies in a row with 5 different attachments or weapons in Special Ops or Single Player.

There they are some of Modern Warfare 2 cheats available for Xbox 360.

If you want to know Modern Warfare 2 cheats and secrets for PS3 please read Top Choices Of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats.

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