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MapleStory Cheats And Secrets Explained

MapleStory Meso

MapleStory is a free online RPG game. But if you want to upgrade, for example, the gameplay enhancements and character appearances, you can buy them through the Cash Shop using real money. Currently there are at least more than 100 million players MapleStory worldwide.

MapleStory has a wide world filled with a variety of minigames, monsters you can hunt, and other interesting thing while developing your abilities and skills at the same time. You can form a group to hunt the monsters and share the rewards together. You should try the fantasy world of MapleStory. For those of you who want to know about MapleStory cheats and secrets please read the article below.

Cheat Codes: These MapleStory cheats will be activated by entering the codes while playing the game.

For flip the screen upside down just enter: [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Down]

For flip the screen right side up just enter: [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Up]

Easy Experience: Buy some potions at Ellinia’s then fight some enemies such as snails and slimes until your life, potions, and mana run out. Buy more potions, restore yourself, and fight again. Repeat this MapleStory cheats and you will get easy experience.

Extra Mesos: Just drop about 10 Mesos then it’ll become 15 Mesos when you pick up.

Mighty Swordsman: Here are the stats you should have if you want to be a mighty Swordsman.

DEX: Twice your level

STR: Everything that does not go to DEX.

LUK: As low as possible.

INT: As low as possible.


Endure: Max out.

Improving HP Increase: Level 3.

Improving HP Recovery: Max out.

Power Blast: Max out.

Slash Blast: Max out.

Iron Body: For Fighter :1; Page/Spearman: None

That’s all the MapleStory cheats and secrets I found so far. Hopefully those MapleStory cheats and secrets will bring more fun when you playing the game.

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