Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

The Secrets of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

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For those who love The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, here are some the great features you can have when playing this marvelous game.


1. Free Hylian Shield

When you’re a kid, go to the graveyard in Kakariko and wait for night. Pull back the tombstones that have flowers in front of them and go down. There is a treasure chest inside contained Hylian Shield.

2. Infinite Money

Fill your bottles with fish located behind the old lady’s potion shop in Kakariko then sell them to the beggar that will buy each fish for 100 rupees. Repeat this process as many times as you wish. This trick works best when you have the Giant’s Wallet and are able to carry a maximum of 500 rupees at a time.

3. Get The Golden Scale As a Kid

Go to the fishing pond, when you are a kid, and start fishing. Keep fishing until you get a fish that’s big enough to earn a heart piece. Then, go into the middle of the pond, face towards the owner in the water and hold lock and shield (Z + R). Swim and talk to him while pressing Z and R. The owner, instead of a heart piece, will give you the GOLDEN SCALE.

4. Free Masks At The Mask Shop

This trick works once you’ve already sold the Keaton mask to the guard outside of Death Mountain. To get Skull mask, first you can ask to borrow the Keaton mask again for free. Leave the shop, go back in, and ask to trade masks. Then you can trade the Keaton mask for the Skull mask for free ! You’ll still have all your money, although it seems you have to give him some cash. This trick also works for the Rabbit hood and the Spooky mask as long as you sold the masks before you trade them.

5. Giant Monsters

You will encounter a giant version of monster if you continuosly kill the same type monster. At least this works on Leevers, Guays, and Stalchildren.

6. Kill Zombies Faster And Easier

Where there are zombies, play the sun song. This will freeze them and you can finish them off easier since they won’t attack you.

7. Make The Sinking Lure Legal

This trick will make the fish you catch with the Sinking Lure be legal, as if you had caught them without it. After getting the Sinking Lure, go to the fisherman and say to him “Let’s talk about something else”. He will then allow you to use the Sinking Lure, and the fish you catch with it will be legal. Each time you come back, you still will need to find the Sinking Lure.


There are some cool prizes or rewards you can get in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. But you have to know how to unlock them first before you can use them.

Here are the unlockables and how to unlock them :

1. Elemental Arrows

Fire Arrow

How to unlock : Shoot the sun after the Water Temple.

Ice Arrow

How to unlock : Complete the Gerudo Training Ground.

Light Arrow

How to unlock : Beat all the temples and then talk to Shiek.

2. A Cow For Your Tree House

How to unlock :

You have to beat the race at Lon Lon ranch for Epona. Then race again until you get the best time (49 seconds or below) to unlock the cow inside your tree house.

3. Skulltulas Unlockable

You have to kill Skulltulas Spiders and collect the tokens, then go to the Skulltula House in Kakariko to get the prizes.

Here are the items :

– Adult Wallet, need 10 Skulltula Tokens

– Stone of Agony, need 20 Skulltula Tokens

– Giant’s Wallet, need 30 Skulltula Tokens

– Bombchus, need 40 Skulltula Tokens

– Piece of Heart, need 50 Skulltula Tokens

– Huge Rupee, need 100 Skulltula Tokens

There they are, some great stuff you might find in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Hopefully those features can be useful during your adventure.

Happy gaming.

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