Fun Math Games

Fun Math Games, The Great Way To Learn Math

By Yenoscyu

Fun Math Games For Kids

Math is a very fun lesson, but unfortunately not everyone knows about it. They think that math is a difficult lesson, it’ll make you frown when trying to solve the calculation, and suitable only for the nerds. They don’t realize that math is always present in their daily activities, such as counting money when purchasing goods on the market or mall, make a proper composition when making a cake in the kitchen, or share the same large piece of pizza for their friends.

One great way to make kids love math is to play fun math games. Through this way, kids will learn math in a fun atmosphere. They will easily absorb the lessons and time will seem so short when they play these fun math games. Your kids may be addicted to this learning approach.

Various Ways To Play Fun Math Games

You can play fun math games with a variety of ways. All of those ways will give you pleasure when learning math. You only choose which way you prefer. Here are some ways how you can play fun math games.

1. Play Online Math Games

Online Math Games

There are many sites that allow you to play online math games, most of them are free. You can find some fun math games when playing online math games because you can learn basic math with an interesting visual display, widescreen, and can play it multiplayer with other players around the world.

You can also print flash cards or obtain guidance on a variety of things about math with informative and interesting videos.

To learn more about online math games, you can read my article entitled “Play Free Online Math Games To Make Your Kids Smarter“.


2. Play Consoles Games

Nintendo DS Math Game

Fun math games can also be found when you play games on consoles or handheld game systems. Here, fun math games could be one type of game that focuses only on math lesson or a series of games that train several skills at once, such as memory, logic, visual, and focus. Your children can practice math skills while having fun here.

Some of the games titles where you can get fun math games include:

Personal Trainer: Math (Nintendo DS)
Learn Math (Nintendo DS)

Challenge Me: Math Workout (Nintendo DS)
Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4 (Nintendo DS)
Star Wars Math: Jabba’s Game Galaxy (PC)
Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden (PC)
Hot Brain (PSP)
Math Sniper 3D (Xbox 360)
Brain Challenge Deluxe (PS3)

3. Toys
Another way to play fun math games is to buy toys that are devoted to develop math skills. There are so many toys like this that you can search for, ranging from simple one, such as board games to making 3D buildings, in math style of course. With these toys, kids can learn the simple basic math, learn how to count money, develop motor skills, and train the imagination, with an interactive and interesting tools which can be played together with the whole family.

Here are some toys that can provide fun math games for your kids:

a. Pizza Fraction Fun ™ Game

Pizza Fraction Fun Game

It is one of fun math games that can make you “hungry”. This toy can be played up to 6 players. Kids will be taught fraction denominations through the tempting pizza. There are seven different games to practice indentifying fractions, matching fraction equivalents, and performing fraction subtraction and addition by building delicious pizzas. Yup, you can certainly get a lot of fun math games here.



b. Math Mat Challenge Game

Math Mat Challenge Game

You can find fun math games here while you jump, hop, tap, and slap through this interactive tool. There are a total of 6 fun activities to learn the addition and subtraction up to the number 20. You are required to move quickly, tap, slap or jump the correct number to win the games here. Math Mat Challenge Game is an electronic math games that will make your brain and body healthy.



c. Buy It Right Shopping Game

Buy It Right Shopping Game

This game will teach you simple math principles and money through an interesting shopping activity. Roll the dice, go shopping, pay the items, calculate the change, and fill your shopping cart faster than other players. Equipped with calculator, 40 paper money bills, game pieces, 100 plastic coins, and instructions you can certainly find that this game is one of enjoyable multiplayer fun math games available.



d. Totally TutTM Math Operations Game

Totally Tut Math Operations Game

In this game you compete with other players to build the Egyptian pyramid by solving various math problems by drawing subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication cards. Your opponent can inhibit the development of your pyramid by swapping or stealing your number cards. With the cool look and exciting game play, this game is one of nice fun math games in the form of board games.




e. Playful Math Blocks

Playful Math Blocks

Here, your math skills will be used to make buildings, towers, or whatever you want to create. This toy consists of 4 large double-sided activity cars, 55 blocks, and a storage tray that flips over to become a playing platform. The game will be able to train your imagination as well as your knowledge about counting and fractions.



To search for other similar toys that can provide fun math games, you can search through Amazon.

Those are some ways in which you can get and play fun math games. I believe that if kids are introduced to fun way in learning math, they will love the lesson. As a parent or adult, you can accompany your kids or relatives when playing these fun math games to get tremendous results.

Have fun in math, guys.

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