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Find Out 5 Most Popular Free Hidden Object Games Online

By Yenoscyu

Play Free Hidden Object Games Online

Play free hidden object games online certainly is exciting. You just need a good internet connection to get the entertainment that can make you addicted to play it. If you often play free hidden object games online then you will get various benefits such as improving your observation skills, practice your patience, know and learn new words, and can learn homonyms in a fun way of course. Currently, play free hidden object games online are not only just looking for hidden objects scattered around an existing picture, but also accompanied with interesting story, cool background, and entertaining music, so you always want to play it again and again.


To search for free hidden object games online is not difficult. Many gaming sites provide these exciting games. Various types of free hidden object games online can be found, ranging from easy to difficult which requires a very sharp eye to complete it. Some free hidden object games online have a time limit for its completion to move to the next level, there is a hint system that gives clues about things you are looking for, have a pause button that allows you to relax your eye muscles for a while, and also provides penalties for clicking picture carelessly.


Here I will give five most popular free hidden object games online from many different sites that you can try. These gaming sites have a huge collection of free hidden object games online. There is a possibility that free hidden object games online available on these sites can be found on other gaming sites.


1. Hidden Objects Room

Hidden Objects Room

You can find this game at Big Fish Games. It is one of the simple free hidden object games online you can try. This game has no storyline, no time limit, and there is no pause button. Your task is to find certain objects written on the taskbar at the bottom of the game screen. You need keen eyes to find these objects, because some of them are camouflaged with the surrounding picture so it is difficult to find. This game has a charming picture, and there are about 4 levels to complete the game.


2. Treasure Hunt Online

Treasure Hunt Online

You can find this game at GameHouse. This game was released on December 30, 2009 and published by Fit Brains. This game revolves around the search for treasures that are in a suburban land-ship. Unlike other free hidden object games online, here you have to memorized the objects in the room in the past and then determine what objects has changed in present day room (still in the same room). You can move to the next room after finding the minimum changed objects.
This game is more difficult than other free hidden object games online, because you are required to have a good memory and observation skill at the same time. If you have trouble you can use the hints provided in the game that has nice pictures and sounds.


3. The Daily Diff

The Daily Diff

You can find this interesting game at Shockwave. The game was developed by The Article 19 Group, Inc. Your job is finding 10 differences between 2 photos as fast as you can. If you use a hint it will add 30 seconds to your time, and if you click carelessly your time will be added 10 seconds. Some differences are easy to spot while others need a very keen observation. You can play this game every day and you will not feel bored because there is always new photo every day, you can even submit your photos if you are signed in first. There are also other related free hidden object games online if you visit the site.


4. Search Quest

Search Quest

You can find the game at This game is one of most played free hidden object games online. So far this game has been played at least 199,000 times. You must find all hidden objects on the list given at the bottom of game screen within the allotted time so you can go to the next level. There is no penalty if you click carelessly and use the hint. You can increase the number of hint by collecting the words “7” “s” “e” “a” and “s”. It takes keen observation to find hidden objects in this game because some of them faintly visible and blend with the surrounding environment. The game has cool sounds and graphic.


5. Personal Shopper 5

Personal Shopper 5

You can find this girlie game at Gamesgames. This game has been played more than 500,000 times. It is one of free hidden object games online that have a unique storyline and main character can change her clothes. You can get new clothes after passing a certain level.
In this game you must quickly find certain objects outlined at the bottom of the screen in several different shops. You can use the hint and there will be no penalty. You can get extra hint by picking up goodie bags. If you click aimlessly your time will be cut 10 seconds.


There are about 10 levels you can play along with 3 different stories. There is also a Pro Mode where the room you search the objects will be completely dark. Your mouse will act like a flashlight that would highlight the place to look for certain objects. This mode is suitable for you who have been accustomed to this game and can remember where the object is located.


That’s some popular free hidden object games online in 5 different gaming sites. You can play it free without downloading it first. Once you play it, maybe you won’t give up until the last object is found.


Happy gaming.

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