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How To Download PS3 Games For Free Forever

By Yenoscyu

Free Download PS3 Games

The price of PS3 games will never be cheap unless you get used games or you must be patient to wait for several months for the price drops. Price around $ 50 for a new released PS3 game is still considered expensive for most people.

I have good news for all PS3 fans. Right now you can get a PS3 game that you want simply by downloading PS3 games for free. Please read on to find out the truth.


Download PS3 Games For Free
In order to download PS3 games you can actually use the PlayStation Store through the menu on your PS3. You can get some game demos or special games for free. But in general, you are charged to download each item.
On the internet you can find many sites that offer services to download PS3 games for free. Some sites are completely free and some are paid. You should be careful if you want to download PS3 games from free sites because these sites will not guarantee that files you download are free of viruses or other malicious threats that can actually damage your PC or PS3. In addition, to get one downloaded PS3 game you may have to wait so long because the speed for downloading PS3 games has been determined by these sites instead of the modem you use. You might get bored when you have to download PS3 games. Another thing you need to be aware of is there is no guarantee that files you download can be played. It sucks right, after waiting a long time to download PS3 games it turns out that these games can not be played.


On the other hand, if you use the services of a paid site to download PS3 games, you are given guarantees of the quality of PS3 games you download and can have your money back if you are not satisfied with their services. You just pay once for the price of one PS3 game to download PS3 games as many as you want. You have unlimited PS3 downloads. Let’s do the math. If the price of a single PS3 game is $ 50 and in a month probably you will download 10 PS3 games then you can save $ 450, and in a year you could save $ 5,950. Not bad, isn’t it?

How To Find the Best Sites To Download PS3 Games For Free

You can find many paid sites that offer a service to download PS3 games. You must be selective to choose these sites so you can save your money and download PS3 games forever. Here are some guidelines that you can use as a reference to search for these sites. If there is no site that meets all existing criteria, then choose the site that meets most criteria that have been defined.

1. One Time Payment

Make sure you only pay once to download PS3 games and there is no other fee after that. You only billed once and not for individual download or monthly fee. You only need pay once for unlimited downloads for a lifetime.

2. Technical Support

Look for sites that provide technical support or customer service that is always ready to help anytime you need. You can easily contact them either by phone, email, or chatting.

3. Money Back Guarantee

It’s important to have this agreement to save your money if there is something happens beyond your expectation.

4. High Quality PS3 Games

A good site is capable of providing high quality downloadable PS3 games that can run smoothly and free from viruses and other malicious threats.

5. Step by Step Tutorial

Make sure you can receive an easy and detailed guide how to download PS3 games and how to play the games in your console.

6. Huge Game Library

Look for the sites that have large collection of PS3 games and always have new games updated regularly. So you can download PS3 games from any type or genre available.

7. Bonus Content

It’s much better if you can find sites that also offering other downloadable contents such as music, film, software, or other console’s games without any extra fees needed.

Those are some guidelines that you can use to find paid sites that allow you to download PS3 games for free forever. Hopefully you find this article useful.

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