Dedicated Game Servers

These Are the Reasons Why You Should Use Dedicated Game Servers

By Yenoscyu

Dedicated Game Servers

Online gaming is currently a very popular means of entertainment. Millions of people play the games every day from the free ones such as free internet poker games, free casino games, free educational games, until a paid one. Those games are available in various genres, ranging from simple and cute games to a more mature and complicated games like RPGs and MMORPGs. Many people are willing to play for hours every day and spend the money to play online gaming. The popularity of online gaming certainly promises great profits for certain business people.

For the owners of online gaming websites, lots of visitors playing the games means profits, but on the other hand if the explosion of visitors are not handled properly, this will cause the opposite. If you are unable to manage the bandwidth and disk space well, your visitors may not even be able to access your site or can not play the game well. The solution that can be selected to overcome the problem, among other, is to use dedicated game servers as the host on your gaming sites.

The Benefits of Dedicated Game Servers
Most websites use shared servers as host. But when a massive number of visitors are accessing your site, especially online gaming websites, the use of shared servers should be reviewed. This is because the limitations capabilities of the shared servers. Unlike shared servers, the dedicated game servers have not limited ability to overcome the traffic explosion on your site, so visitors don’t experience lag or other annoying problems when they want to access or play the online gaming on your site.

Here are some advantages of using dedicated game servers as compared with the shared servers.

Total ControlDedicated game servers allow you to customize the server according to your liking without restriction. You can use and run any programs and scripts that change the way your site are used, you will have admin control over the games to cut down the lag time, guaranteeing a slot availability, update content and to avoid abuse. In addition, by using dedicated game servers you can also install multiple games on your server.

Performance – If you are using a shared server as your host, then the loading speed and responsiveness of your site will be influenced by the traffic received by another site within the same server. Of course this will cause your site has un-optimal loading time. But if you use dedicated game servers, then this kind of problem can be avoided. Since dedicated game servers only host your gaming sites, then the response speed and loading time of your site will increase significantly. You will also gain exclusive RAM, CPU, bandwidth and disk space. Thus you are ready to receive the traffic on your site smoothly and you can make a variety of many gaming forums if needed.

Dedicated game servers allow your visitors enjoy playing online games that are served seamlessly without experiencing lag, server busy errors and other annoying interference.

SecurityDedicated game servers are more secure than the shared servers because no one else has access to your server but you. You will be protected from various viruses or other malicious software spread by others. Dedicated game servers allow you to adjust the various necessary security policies such as firewalls and the access rights of users.

Unique IP AddressDedicated game servers will have their own unique IP address, things that don’t owned by the sites hosted on the shared servers. By having a unique IP address, no header-reading software is needed to load your gaming site. Thus, your gaming site will have a fast response or fast loading process.

Multiple DomainsDedicated game servers allow you to install multiple games and make a variety of domains on your server. Of course this can cut your costs while maintaining full control over these sites.

Those are some benefits you can get when using the dedicated game servers. If you are someone who seriously want to develop your gaming site to the max, dedicated game servers can be one option that can help you to achieve your goals.

Happy gaming.

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