Complete Saga Wii Cheats

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Wii Cheats

Lego SW Complete Saga

Here are some cool Lego SW Complete Saga Wii Cheats I found to bring more fun when you playing it.

Play as Indiana Jones

Go into the Bonus room in the Cantina by using the door to the right of Episode VI. Enter the Trailers door and watch the trailer for Lego Indiana Jones: The Videogame. Indiana Jones is now available to purchase for 50,000 Studs.

Get 50,000 Studs Easily

Just go to Podrace and from the beginning of Episode II use one of the speeders. Use Subulba’s Podracer when you hit the little poles. You can get over 50,000 Studs each time easily.

Ghost Characters

You can unlock Ghost characters for purchase after completing Story Mode. These characters are invincible unless they are in vehicles.

Extra Characters To Be Unlocked

Go to the bar in Mos Eisley Cantina, select ENTER CODE and put these passwords to get extra characters.

Admiral Ackbar, Password: ACK646

Battle Droid (commander), Password: KPF958

Boba Fett, Password: GGF539

Count Dooku, Password: DDD748

Darth Maul, Password: EUK421

Droid Tri-Fighter, Password: AAB123

Ewok, Password: EWK785

Force Grapple Leap, Password: CLZ738

General Grevious, Password: PMN576

Greedo, Password: ZZR636

Imperial Guard, Password: GUA850

Jango Fett, Password: KLJ897

Padme, Password: VBJ322

Stormtrooper, Password: NBN431

Tiefighter, Password: DBH897

Tie Interceptor, Password: INT729

Zam’s Speeder, Password: UUU875

Zam Wesell, Password: 584HJF

Unlock Slave 1

Completing all 36 Mini-kit collection missions to unlock Slave 1 in all vehicle-based levels.

Watch All The Cutscenes

You have an option to watch all the cutscenes at the Cantina by collecting all Gold Bricks.

That’s some Lego SW Complete Saga Wii cheats I found. I hope it works.

Have a good time.

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