Birth By Sleep Cheats

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Cheats Revealed

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Secrets

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is a cool action RPG game on PSP and has received numerous positive reviews. For those who have not played it, we encourage you to play this game. Here is Birth By Sleep cheats that you can use when playing this game.


Trinity Archives Option: You can unlock it by finishing Story mode with any character.


Trinity Trophies: Use the following Birth By Sleep cheats to receive trophies in the Trinity Archives menu.

Keyslinger, unlocked by taking out 9,999 Unversed.

Power Talker, unlocked by taking 99,999 steps.

Clockwork, unlocked by having 80 hours of gameplay time.

In the Munny, unlocked by having 33,333 munny.

Dairy Devotee, unlocked by activating Frozen Fortune 30 times.

Trinity Trophy, unlocked by completing all stories at least in Proud mode.

Arena Sweeper, unlocked by finishing every quest.

One Down, unlocked by completing any character’s story.


Special Weapon: You can have these weapons by using Birth By Sleep cheats below.

Ultima Weapon, unlocked by reaching level 30 in the Mirage Arena and successfully finish the final arena challenge, Arena’s Ruler.

No Name Keyblade, unlocked by defeating Mysterious Figure in the Land of Departure.

Vanitas’s Keyblade, unlocked by completing all three characters’ stories then beat Vanitas’s Lingering Sentiment in the Badlands of Keyblade Graveyard.

Strongest Shotlock, unlocked by reaching level 29 in the Mirage Arena.


Fight Secret Bosses: You can fight secret bosses during Terra, Ventus, and Aqua’s Story. Use the Birth By Sleep cheats below to find them.

Lingering Spirith Vanitas, unlocked by completing Final Story.

Mysterious Figure, unlocked by defeating Lingering Spirit Vanitas at Keyblade Graveyard.


Final Story: Do the following Birth By Sleep cheats to revealed Final Chapter.

You can unlock Final Chapter after collecting ALL Xehanort reports for each character then complete all three story modes.


Secret Preview of Blank Points: You will see the preview after using Birth By Sleep cheats below.

Successfully finish the Final Episode on Standar, Proud, and Critical Mode and also collect ALL Xehanort reports on Standard Mode.


Xehanort Report locations: These Birth By Sleep cheats help you find all Xehanort Reports.

Xehanort’s Letter (Ventus), unlocked by completing the Land of Departure.

Report1 (Ventus), located in Deep Space’s chest, Sortie Deck.

Report 2 (Terra), unlocked by completing the Radiant Garden.

Report 3 (Aqua), located in Merlin’s house’s chest, Radiant Garden.

Report 4 (Aqua), unlocked by completing the Mysterious Tower.

Report 5 (Terra), unlocked by completing the Prison Guard Challenge in the Mirage Arena.

Report 6 (Aqua), unlocked by completing the Enchanted Dominion.

Report 7 (Aqua), unlocked by completing Aqua’s Story.

Report 8 (Terra), unlocked by completing the Land of Departure.

Report 9 (Ventus), obtained automatically during an event at Disney Town.

Report 10 (Ventus), unlocked by completing Ventus’ Story.

Report 11 (Terra), unlocked by completing Terra’s Story.

Report 12 (Ventus), located in a chest at Keyblade Graveyard behind starting spawn point.


There they are, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep cheats you can use and will increase the fun when playing the game.

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