Wii Video Games

This is Why These Wii Video Games Become Best Selling

By Yenoscyu


Wii Video Games

 Nintendo Wii has hundreds of great Wii video games that you can play with your friends and family. Wii video games consist of a variety of exciting genres such as action, puzzle, and sports which will certainly keep you entertained throughout the day. Nintendo Wii offers incredible gaming experience that never realized by  its competitors before.

Wii video games have been entertaining millions of people around the world. These great games could blow up the Wii sales so it can’t be chased by its nearest competitor such as the Xbox 360 and PS3. From hundreds of Wii video games have been released on the market, there are some games considered the best selling Wii video games. Let’s see why those games could be the best selling Wii video games until now.

These are the top five of the current best selling Wii video games:

5. Wii Fit


Wii Fit

 This game is one of the unique and popular Wii video games. So far, this game has sold at least 22.61 million copies and has become the third best selling console game in history (among games not packaged with a console).

Just like the other Wii video games, Wii Fit will keep you entertained. But in this game you need the Wii Balance Board and you will exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. Wii Fit contains more than 40 activities designed to engage the player in physical exercise, which consist of aerobics, yoga poses, balance games, and strength training. These exercises are very enjoyable and can be done with friends and family. You can even set your personal weight loss goals.

Wii Fit is one of phenomenal Wii video games. Its unique gameplay has been adopted by various health clubs around the world and has been used for physiotherapy rehabilitation. This game is also used in the nursing home to improve posture in the elderly.

4. Mario Kart Wii


Mario Kart Wii

 Mario Kart Wii is currently occupying the 4th position of the best selling Wii video games with the sales reaching more than 27 million copies worldwide. In less than a month since its launch in April 2008, Mario Kart Wii has sold more than one million copies in both United States and Japan only.

Actually it’s not surprising if Mario Kart Wii could be one of the best selling Wii video games. Mario has so many loyal fans, and many of those fans want to experience a new gaming experience offered by the Nintendo Wii. For the first time ever, in Mario Kart Wii, you have the option of racing with either karts or motorbikes. There are about 32 different tracks including 16 new tracks, 24 selectable Nintendo characters (more than any of its predecessors) and this game supports up to 12 racers online. You can also go racing as your personalized Wii caricatures. For more intuitive and conventional steering, every Mario Kart Wii game is packaged with the Wii Wheel to house the Wii Remote.

Those are some factors that could make this game into one of the best selling Wii video games to date.

3. Wii Play


Wii Play

 Wii Play is one of the Wii video games that emerged in the early release of the Nintendo Wii. This game at least has sold 27.38 million copies worldwide and made it the best selling console games of all time among games not packaged with a console.

Wii Play consists of nine simple, addictive and quick games that are very fun, easy to pick up and play and once you play it you’ll have a hard time to put it down. Even the most inexperienced gamers will have no trouble mastering the controls because of the intuitive controls of the Wii Remote. Even your grandma can master these Wii Play games like Tennis, Billiards, Table Tennis or Fishing. The games in Wii Play are designed for two players, but it can still be played by single player. Usually Wii Play is bundled with Wii Remote but you can also purchase it as a standalone game.

I think those are some factors making the Wii Play the third best selling Wii video games today.

2. Wii Sports Resort


Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort is a sequel to Wii Sports which had some success before. This game is one of the Wii video games to require Wii MotionPlus accessory which is bundled with the game. First released in June 2009 in Japan and in the next month for other regions around the world, Wii Sports Resort received positive responses from critics and so far it has the sales of 27.68 million copies worldwide making it the second best selling Wii video games to date.

It is inevitable that the success of Wii Sports influence this game which includes enhanced games from the original along with completely new selections, deeper levels of play, a wide selection of sports (12), with more precise controls and great graphics. Wii Sports Resort is fun and challenging even for the novice gamer.

It’s one of great Wii video games you should add to your collection.

1. Wii Sports


Wii Sports

 Wii Sports is one phenomenal game that Nintendo has created. This game not only topped the best selling Wii video games but also the best selling video game of all time. With the achievement of sales by at least 76.76 million copies worldwide, it seems to be difficult for any video game to rival it.

Wii Sports has won numerous prestigious awards in the gaming world from various websites, magazines, and organizations. To name a few, this game won six out of seven award nominations: Innovation, Sports, Multiplayer, Gameplay, and Strategy and Simulation, at the 2007 British Academy Video Games Awards.

Wii Sports earn a phenomenal sales record is largely because the game is bundled with the Nintendo Wii console. This game was a launch title for the Wii system in all regions (November and December 2006) except Japan and South Korea. As of May 15, 2011, this marvelous game is no longer included as a pack-in game with the Wii console.

Beyond the fact that Wii Sports is a bundled game, this game can show the greatness of Nintendo’s revolutionary technology, the motion gaming, using the Wii Remote. Wii Sports is a collection of five sports simulations that are easy to play, fun, and can make you addicted. Everyone can play it. This game can also tell your fitness age (ranging from 20 to 80 years old) through a fitness test.

Undoubtedly, Wii Sports is one of the Wii video games you should try and have.

That is a brief explanation of the top five best selling Wii video games at the moment and why they could be the best selling Wii video games. If you’ve never played it, go ahead play it.

Happy gaming.

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