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Video Game Tester – Get Paid To Play Video Games

By Yenoscyu

How To Be A Game Tester

Video Game Tester is a good job. Being a Video Game Tester you will get paid to play the latest game before it was released, looking for various problems such as glitches, bugs, misspellings, and others. You can even keep the game you test. What more fun is you can make money without ever leaving your couch.

Video Game Tester Requirements

It’s not difficult being a Video Game Tester. Unlike a Video Game Designer, you don’t need a degree to be a Video Game Tester, you don’t even need to graduate from high school to become a Video Game Tester.

Here are some of the Video Game Tester requirements you need to know when you want to be one of them.

– You have to love playing video games.

– You should be 15 or older.

– You have the media to play games like Xbox 360, PS3, or PC.

– You are required to have discipline, a keen eye for a variety of detail, focus, patience, critical thinking, solid verbal and written skills.

Video Game Tester is a serious job. You have deadlines. Therefore, you have to work with the targets set.

 Video Game Tester Salary

Video Game Tester will earn income based on a job by job basis. Usually a Video Game Tester will receive payment for the total hours of work weekly. A Video Game Tester can earn for $ 8-50 per hour or $ 15,000-90,000 per year. Of course the amount of the payment will depend on the experience and the place where a Video Game Tester works.

How To Be A Video Game Tester

If you want to be a Video Game Tester then you need to have some requirements as mentioned above. After that just make contact straight to the game developers and should not rely on a variety of existing ads. You should know with whom you should speak, what to say, and how to convince them to hire you as a Video Game Tester. Game developers often ask how many years of your experience as a Video Game Tester, the things that felt unfair for those who just jumped into this world. To deal with this situation, you can apply to become a Video Game Tester for free. If you look sincere and full of spirit, the game developer could assign you to test their games or put you into the list of their potential Video Game Tester.

Once you get your official duties as a Video Game Tester, just do the job professionally as the instructions given. Play the game seriously for every single aspect of the game. Look for errors that may exist such as glitches, bugs, discoloration, misspelling, etc.

Make a written report on everything you do as a Video Game Tester in a standard format for submitting evaluations. Write down clearly all the problems that occur so that game developers can properly repair any errors.

If your work as a Video Game Tester is great, then it means more works awaits you and more money will flow into your pockets. And, an income of $ 50,000 per year is not a dream for a professional Video Game Tester.

Interested in becoming a Video Game Tester?

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