Rare Video Games

Get Lots of Cash with Rare Video Games

By Yenoscyu

Rare Video Games

Rare Video Games are usually very expensive. You can earn a lot of money if you could have rare video games, especially for video games that are produced in a limited version or quantity, have high score for reviews (high quality), and or video games that are only made for special event or purpose. You need a lot of effort to acquire those rare video games unless you own and collect them from the first time.

Of course the rare video games we’re talking here are not video games developed by Rare, a game developer, but video games that are really rare in which the collectors or game lovers willing to pay thousands of dollars to get it. If you have a collection of great rare video games, then be prepared to obtain abundant money as a gamer from France who sold a collection of thousands of rare video games on eBay for more than 1.2 million dollars.

Rare Video Games are usually old video games. Not all rare video games are high-priced video games. There are some rare video games you can get at a bargain price. For example, for Xbox games you can get:

  • Outlaw Golf 9 Holes of X-Mas: $4
  • Dragons Lair 3D: $9
  • Loons Fight For Fame: $6

As for the PS1 games you can get cheap rare video games such as:

  • Psychic Detective: $20 – $27
  • Fox Hunt: $13 – $20
  • Syndicate Wars: $8 – $25

Conversely, there are some expensive and amazing rare video games out there. Here are some of them:

Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

Rare Video Games – PS1

It’s no surprise if that Final Fantasy VII is included in the list of rare video games that are much sought after by game lovers. It’s the very first Final Fantasy series which applied completely 3D modeled figures against prerendered backgrounds which shipping an overall total of 9. 8 million copies globally (2nd highest selling game on the PS1). The scenario was excellent, the characters were impressive, the graphics were amazing, and the music was incredible. The secret “treasures” within this game were large quantity.

So, it’s no wonder if this game is listed as one of rare video games which very expensive. The black label is extremely rare and can cost you $1,400 to get it.

Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition (PS3)

Rare Video Games – PS3

This game is listed as one of rare video games since it’s produced in a limited quantity and it’s a special version of Uncharted 2 given away in a promotional contest. Sony at random picked two hundred people who played the trial during a single weekend within October 2009 as well as mailed all of them the game.

The highest documented value for this one of rare video games is $4,990. The game features a limited release imitation dagger from the game, tutorial book, artbook, as well as the game itself.

Air Raid (Atari 2600)

Rare Video Games – Atari 2600

Air Raid goes in one of rare video games since it’s in very limited production and was the only creation of Men-A-Vision. This unusual cartridge made an appearance close to 1984 in a shiny blue “T-handle” casing which is completely different from the common, rectangular, black Atari carts distributed in North America, but is similar in style to those offered in Brazil.

With just 13 cartridges recognized to exist, this video game is obviously among rare video games obtainable. It’s really worth around $3,000. However, what’s truly remarkable is that one copy, combined with just known initial box, lately bought for a shocking $31,600.

Kizuna Encounter (Neo Geo)

Rare Video Games – Neo Geo

It’s one of rare video games that all long time gamer particularly Neo Geo fans are trying to find. This game is really a 1996 fighting game much like Street Fighter as well as Mortal Kombat and it has acquired reliable reviews, yet isn’t revolutionary by any means. This one of rare video games has a price as high as $13,000.

Kizuna Encounter became one of the rare video games because it was produced in such small quantities for the European market which collectors speculate that fewer than 15 copies were made. Within late 2009 someone paid out a mind-blowing 55,000 dollars for both Kizuna Encounter and also the other game (Ultimate 11).

Nintendo Campus Challenge (NES)

Rare Video Games – NES

This game has become one of rare video games because it’s produced by Nintendo just for a video game competition in 1991 involving about 58 colleges around the USA.  The game has become very expensive because this game should not be available for public and supposed to be destroyed after the competition was over.

After this competition was done Nintendo demolished all of the cartridges. However a single Nintendo worker hung onto his copy, eventually offering it at the garage sale within 2006 for 1,000 bucks. In July of 2009 it sold on eBay for $14,000, and 3 months afterwards it was placed on auction once again, this time getting $20,100.

 Nintendo World Championships (NES)

Rare Video Games – NES

Once again, this Nintendo game made it one of the rare video games since it’s made for special events in 1990. In that year, Nintendo organized a 30-city video gaming competition to get the best player in participating in the demo versions of 3 game titles — Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and also Rad Racer — all in just a 6 minute time period limit.

By the end of every city’s competition, the winners of every of 3 age ranges received exclusive grey Championship cartridges just like those used in the competition. Meanwhile, the gold edition has been sent to people who earned a promotional contest within the pages of Nintendo Power magazine.

The grey types are really worth a “mere” 6,000 bucks at most, but it’s the gold copies which catch the attention of the truly serious enthusiasts. They’ve gone for around $21,000, and tend to be regarded as the most desired and truly rare video games in the world. There are a total of 116 cartridges were created for the competition: 96 grey and 20 gold.

Stadium Events (NES)

Rare Video Games – NES

At the top of the list of rare video games we place another Nintendo’s games, which is the Stadium Events. This game was created by Bandai and launched to the public for a really short time just before Nintendo made a decision to purchase the rights and launched it themselves. The games which were sold to shops, around 200 copies, were supposed to be delivered back, however, not all of them were.

Of those two hundred, collectors think that just 10 to 20 total copies of the game can be found today, getting them truly rare video games you can hunt. A single copy just sold for 13,105 dollars, while the box alone may get 10,000 dollars, and also a sealed copy, sold in February of 2010, gone for 41,300 dollars.

Almost all high-priced rare video games above are very old games. You will never know if your today games collection will be considered as very expensive rare video games. So treat your games collection well then. And, next time you tidy up your attic or basement, simply be on the lookout, since you could possibly discover real treasures there.

Happy gaming.

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