Original Xbox

The Reasons Why You Should Copy Your Original Xbox Games


By Yenoscyu

Original Xbox Games

For some people the price of the original Xbox games are not cheap. They have to work extra or saving to buy a new original Xbox game. If there are a lot of good original Xbox game released in the market, imagine how hard they work or saving to buy those original Xbox games.

Like other video games, the original Xbox games are so expensive so you got to be careful when playing the original Xbox games. Don’t get it scratched or damaged. However, sometimes unexpected events can occur, such as your original Xbox games lost, stolen, or damaged by spilled tea or coffe. You certainly will feel very upset. After working hard and saving money, the original Xbox game you buy turns out not to be played in a long time and you have to start from zero again to buy a new one. If you can make backup or copy original Xbox games you will not have those silly experiences.

Other than for saving money as mentioned above, there are some benefits you can get when you make a copy of the original Xbox games or backup Xbox games you have, for example:

– As a private collection

There are certain people who prefer put their original Xbox games in a frame and watch it every day. They get satisfaction by just looking the cover and the disc.

– Able to play the game forever

By making a copy of the original Xbox games, you can play the game as long as you want. If your copied game is broken, you can make it again without having to buy new original Xbox game that cost a fortune.

– Future investment

Your popular original Xbox games could be very expensive for some years to come. You can sell your perfect condition original Xbox games for expensive price and still can play the game with its copy. Who could imagine that right now Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation (PS1) is priced $1,400?

How to Copy Original Xbox Games

In the past to make copies of original Xbox games you needed some tools and knowledge to do so. For example, you need an ethernet crossover cable used to connect the Xbox console to a computer, you need a program to change the game files into the ISO format, and you also have to be able to install the Xbox mod chip into your Xbox console. If you fail to install the mod chip you can destroy the Xbox console. In addition, by installing a mod chip you will not be able to use Xbox Live and it will void your warranty.

Fortunately, thanks to technological advances, now you can copy original Xbox games very easily. There are some software that can backup original Xbox games without installing a mod chip. These software can bypass copy protection that original Xbox games have. You just need to follow these simple instructions:

– Download and install the software into the computer.

– Insert your original Xbox game into the DVD Drive.

– Copy your original Xbox game files to the specified folder.

– Insert a blank DVD after you remove the original Xbox game.

– Follow the instructions on your computer.

– Done. You’ve got a perfect copy of original Xbox game.

It won’t be difficult for you to find the software on the internet. Before deciding to buy it, you should ask for recommendations from friends or forum to determine the right software to use. Keep in mind, copy original Xbox games is legal as long as you have the original Xbox games and you don’t copy it for commercial purposes. If you sell a copy of original Xbox game then it means you’ve done a piracy.

In developing countries, many cases of piracy occur because of the high prices of original Xbox games there. Hopefully, the prices can be lowered in the future. In the meantime, start copying your original Xbox games for personal use only.

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