Nintendo GameBoy

Most Popular Launch Titles for Nintendo GameBoy

By Yenoscyu

Nintendo GameBoy

Nintendo GameBoy

Nintendo GameBoy (the original) is one of the historic relics in the game industry. As a portable gaming device, Nintendo GameBoy has been able to change the way people play games at that time. With it, you can play wherever and whenever you want without the need to connect to the television monitor. Nintendo GameBoy has been able to create a standard for the birth of the next portable gaming devices in the future.

Released in Japan on April 21, 1989, Nintendo GameBoy has achieved remarkable success. Although there were other competitors such as the Atari Lynx and Sega’s Game Gear, Nintendo GameBoy emerged as the winner. In the United States, upon its release in August 1989, Nintendo GameBoy sold its entire shipment of 1 million units within weeks. The Nintendo GameBoy and Nintendo GameBoy Color combined have sold 118.69 million units worldwide. These sales is outpacing sales of PlayStation, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 and put the Nintendo GameBoy plus Nintendo GameBoy Color combined as the second best-selling portable gaming device after the Nintendo DS.

The Success Key of the Nintendo GameBoy

Nintendo GameBoy has defeated its rivals with a big blow despite many other technologically superior handheld consoles introduced during its lifetime. For example, the Atari Lynx, which featured a backlit screen, networking capabilities and color graphics. This product was offered at a price of $189.95 and required 6 AA batteries for 4-5 hours of gameplay. However, Nintendo GameBoy at a price of $ 89.99 and 10-12 hours of gameplay with 4 AA batteries has buried the Atari Lynx’s dream to the lowest ground.

With an attractive design, sturdy build, pocket-sized magic, excellent chipset, and a huge library of quality games, Nintendo GameBoy has become favorite handheld console at that time and now Nintendo GameBoy is the historic icon in the gaming industry, especially in the portable gaming console world.

Among all the factors that led Nintendo GameBoy to be a champion, of course, a collection of games it has had a great impact on the success of the Nintendo GameBoy in the market. Nintendo GameBoy has produced so many quality games, some of which has evolved into a highly profitable game franchises such as Pokemon and Kirby. Some of the original Nintendo GameBoy games are still much sought, so don’t be surprised if the price becomes expensive, far more expensive than the original price, such as Mega Man ($199.99) and Pokemon Blue ($149.94).

Great Launch Titles for Nintendo GameBoy

One factor that boosted the sales of Nintendo GameBoy was a game released to coincide with the launch of this portable gaming device. From so many launch titles for Nintendo GameBoy in various parts of the world, there were some Nintendo GameBoy games that really made a lot of people wanted to buy a Nintendo GameBoy. Here are some of them.

Super Mario Land

Nintendo GameBoy Game

Nintendo GameBoy Game

Super Mario Land was a launch title for the Nintendo GameBoy in Japan, North America and Europe and marked Mario’s first appearance on the Nintendo GameBoy. This game could boost the sales of Nintendo GameBoy. With sales exceeding 18 million copies, Super Mario Land became 4th best selling games for Nintendo GameBoy and 7th best selling for Mario series. Super Mario Land is one of the first games re-released for the Nintendo 3DS on the Virtual Console.

The main objective of this game is to save Princess Daisy by defeating the Mysterious Spaceman, Tatanga. The gameplay of Super Mario Land in Nintendo GameBoy is similar to that of Super Mario Bros. and its Japanese successor for NES.


Nintendo GameBoy Game

Nintendo GameBoy Game

It came packaged with the Nintendo GameBoy. This game is simple but makes you addicted. Children and adults can play this great Nintendo GameBoy game. Tetris was so popular and it could increase the sales of Nintendo GameBoy at that time drastically. It’s no wonder if Tetris became the best selling Nintendo GameBoy game with sales estimated at 35 million copies worldwide.

Tetris is one of the most iconic titles in gaming history. For the Nintendo GameBoy version, aside from the ability to play the game anywhere, you can go head-to-head in realtime competitive matches via the Nintendo GameBoy Link Cable. Yup, Tetris was the first game compatible with that accessory.

They are there. That is a brief overview of Most Popular Launch Titles for Nintendo GameBoy that could blow up the sales of this handheld game console.

Happy gaming.

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