COD Black Ops Cheats Wii

COD Black Ops Cheats Wii Revealed


COD Black Ops is another cool game from Call of Duty series. This game has received positive responses from various critics. Set in a Cold War, first in the series, this first-person shooter game will take you behind enemy lines as a member of an elite special force unit engaging in classified operations, covert warfare, and explosive conflicts across the globe.

COD Black Ops have an amazing sales record. Within 24 hours since its release on November 9, 2010, COD Black Ops has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. This number beat the record sales of its predecessor Modern Warfare 2. Within 6 weeks since its release, Activision as its publisher claimed that the COD Black Ops has achieved $ 1 Billion in sales.

COD Black Ops was released for various gaming platforms. For the Wii players, here are some COD Black Ops cheats Wii I found that hopefully can add to the fun when playing this cool game.

Cheat Codes

These COD Black Ops cheats Wii will work if you use the classic controller.

Use the analog stick at the main menu to look down at your hands and find that you’re locked up. Just press ZL and ZR repeatedly on a classic controller to break free from the chair. Move around behind your chair and you can find a computer that you can access. Type the following COD Black Ops cheats Wii to access hidden features and some unlockables in the game.

Codes Results
ZORK A text based adventure game, you need to plug USB keyboard into your Wii
HELP Display all commands
3ARC UNLOCK Unlock all missions (no zombie maps)
3ARC INTEL Unlock all Intel
ALICIA Unlock Alicia virtual therapist game
CAT [filename] or PRINT [filename] Open the corresponding file
MAIL Open mail folder for current user
ENCODE Encode a string using the CIA’s cypher
DECODE Decode a string using the CIA’s cypher

Terminal Access

First, you must access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System. Then, enter login as a command. Next, when you’re prompted to login with an account just enter the following COD Black Ops cheats Wii (usernames and passwords). With the dir command or email with the mail command you can access their documents.

Person Username Password
Adrienne Smith asmith roxy
Alex Mason (default account) amason password
Bruce Harris bharris goskins
D. King dking mfk
Frank Woods fwoods philly
Grigori “Greg” Weaver gweaver gedeon
J. Turner Jturner condor75
Jason Hudson jhudson bryant1950
John McCone jmccone berkley22
Joseph Bowman jbowman uwd
John F. Kennedy jfkennedy lancer
Lyndon B. Johnson lbjohnson ladybird
Richard Nixon rnixon checkers
Richard Helms rhelms lerosey
Richard Kain rkain sunwu
Ryan Jackson rjackson saintbridget
T. Walker twalker radi0
Terrance Brooks tbrooks lauren
Vannevar Bush vbush manhattan
William Raborn wraborn bromlow

Dreamland Server
Enter rlogin dreamland as a command in Central Intelligence Agency Data System. Then, use one of the following COD Black Ops cheats Wii (usernames and passwords) to continue.

Person Username Password
Robert Oppen roppen trinity
T. Walker twalker thanksdad
Vannevar Bush vbush majestic1

Secret Thunder Gun

The COD Black Ops cheats Wii below will give you the great Thunder Gun to make your mission so much easier.

After the Nova 6 Gas is released at the beginning of Mission 7: Numbers, just go to the back of the room and then enter the office. When you find tape recorder, hold [Action] to pick it up. The screen will shake if done correctly. Continue the level until you have to jump off the roof into the building and onto the mattress. Clarke will move a fridge leading to the weapon stash when he’s inside. You have to WATCH him move the fridge. Go to the left once you get inside the stash. When you see another tape recorder, hold [Action] to pick it up. Once again, the screen will shake if done correctly, and the THUNDER GUN equipped with 12 shots will appear from the wall!

Hopefully, those COD Black Ops cheats Wii will be very useful when playing this great game.

Happy gaming.

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