Yugioh 2010 Cheats

Yugioh 2010 Cheats and Codes


Yugioh 2010 Cheats

For Yugioh lovers on the DS, below I give you some Yugioh 2010 cheats and codes that certainly will add more fun when you play this game.

New Game+
If you want to play New Game+ just follow the Yugioh 2010 cheats below.

Just finish Story Mode to open the “New Game [Existing Data]” selection. This option lets you to replay Story Mode using all previously obtained cards and won’t affect your progress in world championship.

The Reward of Card Completion
The following Yugioh 2010 cheats will give you several cool features to unlock.

Card Completion Rewards Yugioh 2010 Cheats
Recipe Duel Mode Get 90% card completion
Up to one forbidden in deck (Banlist Options) Get 90% card completion
Duel View and Tag Duel View Collect 80% of all available cards
Card Blinder (15 points, emblem) Have 70% card completion
Gold Card Case (50 points, emblem) Collect all 3,543 cards in the game (100%)
Security Helmet (Clothes) Get 60% card completion
Tag Force Set (Clothes) Have 100% card completion

Bonus Duel Runners
If you want to unlock bonus Duel Runners for purchase, just use the Yugioh 2010 cheats below.

Unlockable Duel Runners Yugioh 2010 Cheats
Blackbird (crow’s d-wheel) Get every other frame
Chariot Frame Defeat the headless ghost in a duel (After completing story mode, speak to Trudge)
Giganto L (Kalins duel runner) Finish the main story, then purchase for 40 star chips from Chihiro
Wheel of Fortune D-Wheel Frame Have S Rank in all Duel Runner Race battles courses
Yusei D-Wheel Frame Get S Rank in all Duel Runner Race Time courses

Bonus Duel Disks
Use the following Yugioh 2010 cheats to get the corresponding Duel Disk.

Bonus Duel Disks Yugioh 2010 Cheats
Academia Disk (Blue, Red, Yellow) Buy from Chihiro for 5 Star Chips each
Black Bird Disk Beat Crow 10 times in Turbo Duels
Black Chain Disk Beat each level of single tournament
Black Jail Disk Win all available levels in Tournament mode
Dark Singer Disk Buy for 10 Star Chips from Chihiro after completing Story mode
K.C.Mass Production Disk Get it from Chihiro for 5 Star Chips
Leo’s Custom Disk Beat Luna and Leo in 10 Tag Duels
Luna’s Custom Disk Get 3 duels in a draw
Rose Disk In box item in SW room of the Securities building
Security Disk In NE room of the Securities building
Wheel of Fortune Beat Jack 10 times in Duels and Turbo Duels
Yusei’s Hybrid Disk Beat Yusei 10 times

Yugioh 2010 Cheats Codes
You must put these Yugioh 2010 cheats on your Action Replay to get the cheats work. There are numerous Yugioh 2010 cheats codes available, here are some of them.

Results Yugioh 2010 Cheats Codes
Master Code BYXE-4CDCFB07
No Ban List (Press Select) 12032E3C 0000E008
Security Can’t See You (Press R+Up to turn on and press R+Down to turn off the Yugioh 2010 cheats codes) 52170778 E59F301C94000130 FE7F00000217077C E3A0C001D2000000 00000000

52170778 E59F301C

94000130 FEBF0000

0217077C E3A0C000

D2000000 00000000

Max Wi-Fi Points (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000120CBDA8 000003E7D2000000 00000000
Refill LP To 9,999 (Press Select +UP to activate the Yugioh 2010 cheats codes) 94000130 FFBB00001227F054 0000270F6219CFE4 00000000B219CFE4 00000000

00000000 0000270F

D2000000 00000000

Control Tag Partner 5219DEF0 B060FA9B1219EEF0 0000D10EE219EEF4 00000010009B23CE 68181AEB

68586088 200060C8

D0000000 00000000

Walkthrough Walls (Press R) 5217F6BC 021D1598021806BC 0A00003BD0000000 000000005217F6BC 021D1598

94000130 FEFF0000

021806BC EA00003B

D2000000 00000000

Walkthrough Walls (Press L) 5217F6BC 021D1598021806BC 0A00003BD0000000 000000005217F6BC 021D1598

94000130 FDFF0000

021806BC EA00003B

D2000000 00000000

The Yugioh 2010 cheats codes above work for North American version.

See anything you like? If you want to increase your fun greatly, don’t hesitate to use Yugioh 2010 cheats above.

Happy gaming, my friends.

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