Wii Play

Discover What Wii Play Is

By Yenoscyu

Wii Play Games

Wii Play literally is a game for the Wii game console. It’s just like another game title such as Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and Wii Ski.

Usually Wii Play bundled with Wii Remote, but it also can be purchased as a standalone game. As of December 31, 2009, Wii Play is crowned as best selling console game of all time with 26.71 million copies sold worldwide (among games not packaged with a console).

Wii Play consists of nine addictive and quick games that are very fun, easy to pick up and play, and hard to resist. Even the most inexperienced gamers will have no trouble mastering the controls because of the intuitive controls of the Wii Remote.

The games in Wii Play are designed for 2 players although it can be played by single player. At the beginning, not all the games are available to play. You have to play each game first then another game is unlocked, until all nine games are available.

There are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals awarded for gamers that getting high enough scores in single player in Wii Play. Wii Message Board will display a message saying which medal and game were unlocked thus gives a quick tips for that game.

Wii Play features nine great separate mini-games. Here they are :

1. Shooting Range

Another shooting range but packed in a fun way, Wii Play style.

2. Find Mii

Gamers must find two to five identical Miis; choosing a favorite and finding it again; finding the fastest Mii; or finding the “odd Miis out”.

3. Table Tennis

You can play table tennis by rallying back and forth with Wii Remote. The audience will grow larger as the game progresses. This Wii Play could be your next diet tool.

4. Pose Mii

In this Wii Play, gamers have to move and rotate their Mii to the correct angle of the falling bubbles and choose the right pose. The bubble will burst if Mii is correctly posed in a bubble. The game is over if three bubbles are not burst and fall to the floor.

5. Laser Hockey

It’s two player game which the goal is to deflect shots and try to score in the opponent’s goal by moving the Wii Remote. This Wii Play is a mix between air hockey and Pong.

6. Fishing

There is a fishing game in Wii Play that using Wii Remote as a fishing rod. You can get the points depending on the fish caught.

7. Billiards

It’s a simplified variation of nine-ball and you can play the game absolutely in a Wii Play way.

8. Charge !

In this game, you have to ride a cow and topples scarecrows to accrue points.

9. Tanks !

The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy tanks while avoiding their attacks. As a player, you control a small toy tank that can fire shells and/or lay mines to destroy enemy tanks.

That’s all the cool games of Wii Play. You can play with your friend or family to bring more fun. Once you play it, maybe you don’t want to stop. Wii Play is very addictive.

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