Wii Controller

Wii Controller – The Secret That Beats PS3 And Xbox 360


By Yenoscyu

Wii Remote Controller

Currently, there are three companies that competed with each other to reach for fantastic profit in gaming industry. The three companies are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 looks very luxurious and sophisticated compared with Nintendo’s Wii. But first impression can be deceiving. Until now, Wii sales numbers far beyond PS3 and Xbox 360.

What makes Wii so dominant and powerful ?

It’s no other than the Wii controller. This device can undermine the power of graphics and luxury PS3 and Xbox 360 offered. Wii controller has something that its rivals don’t have, which is the exceptional gaming experience.

With the Wii controller, you will have incredible gameplay. You feel like not playing games. For example, when playing tennis game on Wii, you can perform service, lob, and smash with arms swinging like when you play tennis for real. Similarly, when you play fishing game, you’re like really were fishing. It’s amazing.

Wii controller has a motion sensing capability that can detect your movements and then translated into the game is being played as a command replaces the classic controller. Amazingly, the Wii controller can be added with other devices that will make the game more realistic, like the Wii Zapper and Wii Wheel.

Wii Zapper is a gun shell accessory that houses Wii controller which is perfect for shooting games, such as third person or first person shooter. With Wii Zapper you have a steady hand that very useful when you shooting something. Wii Wheel originally comes packaged with Mario Kart Wii and of course, just like its name, can be used for games that share a sideways steering control configuration. I am very sure that more innovations are going to come as the Nintendo Wii controller technology offers a platform that is very ideal for creativity and innovation.

The greatness of the Wii controller makes its rivals began to realize the importance of gameplay or gaming experience compared to the graphical prowess offered. They make a device that conceptually similar offered by the Wii controller. Sony makes PlayStation Move and Microsoft makes Kinect. Not long after, those two new controllers hit the market with great sales numbers.

Wii controller is a revolution in the gaming industry. An innovation that can defeat a sophisticated machine.

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