Video Poker Games

Great Tips to Win Video Poker Games Easily


By Yenoscyu

Video Poker Games

Video poker games are one of the most popular casino games and right now enjoy a prominent place on the gaming floors of many casinos. There are numerous variations of video poker games available that are easy to play. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, video poker games will provide fun and enjoyable experience.

Along with the times, now you can play video poker games at your home through a free online video poker games that are scattered in internet. Those free sites can help you to increase and hone your skill in playing video poker games without fear of losing your money. Even some sites offer a tempting bonuses or rewards if you are able to follow their requirements.

Although the video poker games are a mix between poker and slots, you can not rely on entirely luck to win the games like you might at the slots games. You must have sufficient skills to win as often as possible and get a lot of money. To be a good and reliable video poker games player, you should at least know and be able to play traditional poker well. As an initial step of learning, you can find various free internet poker games to equip yourself in a world of exciting video poker games.

Video Poker Games Tips
Compared to other casino games, video poker games give you more potential to beat the house edge. With great skill, although a deck of cards are dealt in no particular pattern, you can predict the probable combinations, calculate the frequency, and finally unleash your deadly moves to win any of the video poker games available.

Below I will give you some tips I found to help you win the video poker games more often and earn more money than the average player.

Tip #1 – To get more money, first of all, look for the video poker games machine that can provide high payback percentages that are also called full-pay machine. The higher payback percentages you get, it means the players will experience a smaller loss if they played every hand in an optimal way, and at the other side they will receive higher paid. The easiest way to find full-pay video poker games machine is to find a pay table in that machine. If it pays 9 coins for the full house and 6 for a flush (9/6), then it’s a full-pay machine.

Tip #2 – Knowing the Paytables. This is required as a basis for determining what cards you need to keep and to increase the value of your winnings. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a small gain to get a bigger reward. These paytables are written on the video poker games machine, so you don’t have to memorize them.

Tip #3 – If you’re a new player in video poker games, it’s advised to play with the minimum denomination on the machine. Once your skill is better, you can play with the higher denomination.

Tip #4 – Never draw 5 cards if you have Jack or higher cards.

Tip #5 – Don’t draw 4 cards if you can draw 3 for a royal flush.

Tip #6 – In video poker games, it’s better to keep a pair than holding one high card. Always hold them even if it’s a none paying low pair. It’s a good starting point but not as strong as a 4 card flush.

Tip #7 – Rather than holding a 4 card straight, it’s better to hold a low pair. It’s a good starting point in video poker games but 4 card straight flush is a better one.

Tip #8 – It’s believed that rather than to hold 3 high cards of mixed suits, it’s better to hold 2 high cards of the same suit.

Tip #9 – Just keep in mind that in video poker games you should hold 3 card straight flushes and don’t hold 3 card flushes.

Tip #10 – Remember that 4 card straights aren’t more valuable than 4 card flushes.

Tip #11 – It’s recommended keeping the high pair and try for 3 of a kind, rather than drawing into a flush, 3 card royal, or 4 card straight. You’ll earn more in the long run in video poker games when attempting for 3 of a kind.

Tip #12 – You should be patient when playing video poker games and be prepared to play for a long time. Take your time, don’t play in a hurry, and play with full concentration.

Tip #13 – Keep Practicing. The more often the practice you take, then you’ll have sufficient skill at playing video poker games. With regular practice, you’ll be able to quickly determine which card you need to keep and which card should be discarded. Free internet poker games or free online video poker games will hone your skills before you play for real with real money.

Those are some tips that can help you improve your skill to play video poker games. However, since there are different variations of the game, there might be different things to be considered. If you regularly practice these tips, you’ll be familiar with the various situations available and are able to anticipate well. In the end, hopefully, you will find that winning video poker games many times is not difficult.

Happy gaming.

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