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Most Popular Tom And Jerry Games Online

By Yenoscyu

Tom and Jerry Games Online for FREE

Nowadays it’s not difficult to find Tom and Jerry games online. You can play these games for free on many sites. Sometimes you can find that one game of Tom and Jerry can exist in multiple sites. Indeed, most of these sites don’t make the game itself but collects several of Tom and Jerry games online as a collection. If you want to know where you can find and play various collections of Tom and Jerry games online, you can read my previous article.

From so many Tom and Jerry games online available, there are some games which people often play those games. Here are some of the most popular Tom and Jerry games online for free that you can play whenever you want.

1. Point and Click

Tom and Jerry Point and Click

This is one of Tom and Jerry games online that requires patience and carefulness when you play it. Here you will be required to find 10 differences from the two similar pictures. The sooner you can find the difference the higher your score will be. You must have a keen eye on this game because sometimes these differences are subtle. You will lose some points of if you click the picture carelessly.



2. Math Game

Tom and Jerry Math Game

This game is one of Tom and Jerry games online that teach children about basic math, especially about the addition. You have to help Jerry from Tom’s chase by answering math problems given. If the answer is wrong, Jerry’s going to hit the ball and is getting close to the Tom’s clutches. So make sure you can answer correctly.




3. What’s The Catch?

Tom and Jerry What's the Catch?

The game is easy to play, fun, and requires good reflexes. It is one of Tom and Jerry games online where you can play as Tom or Jerry.
If you play as Tom, then you will try to catch Jerry as he keeps dishes and glasses being dropped or thrown by Jerry not to fall apart. Conversely, if you play as Jerry, you should avoid Tom’s chase while running jump over various obstacles along the way up to the Jerry’s hideout.

This game is really fun so don’t be surprised if it’s been played by more than 300 thousand people.



4. Super Ski Stunts

Tom and Jerry Super Ski Stunts

In this game you have to help Tom perform various spectacular acrobatic ski stunts in the sequence. You simply move the arrow to the left and right and pressing one of the letters on the keyboard to perform the stunts at the right time. With cool graphic, interesting sound effects, and simple yet fun gameplay, this game is one of Tom and Jerry games online you need to try.




5. Cat Crossing

Tom and Jerry Cat Crossing

It’s one of Tom and Jerry games online that require quick thinking and good reflexes. Here you should be able to help Tom crosses the river and a highway to catch Jerry on the other side. You have to think fast because sometimes the traffic flows unexpectedly. The faster you can bring Tom to the other side, the more points you can get and you can unlock a new level. This game is easy to learn, has simple controls, cute graphic, and very fun to play.


That’s some most popular Tom and Jerry games online you can try to play. Hope you like it as a lot of people play and be entertained by it.

Happy gaming.

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