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Nice Collection of Tales of Vesperia Cheats

Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360

Tales of Vesperia is the first game of the Tales series for the Xbox 360. This game has been nominated for various categories since its launch in 2008, including Best Story, Best Graphic, and Best Xbox 360 RPG. Because of the increasing enthusiasm of fans, this game was re-released through the Games on Demand service on April, 2011 in Europe and North America.

With incredible anime-style graphics, upgraded battle system, captivating storyline and characters, you should try this “cute” game. To add more fun, you can use the Tales of Vesperia cheats below

Fast Money and Exp
Use the following Tales of Vesperia cheats to get 30,000 exp instantly.

Just go into the labyrinth of memories with your best character’s fell arm equipped. Beat the boss memories in the dungeon and you’ll get about 30,000 exp for each one you beat. If you equip your character with a blue sephir then you’ll also get about that much money (gald).

Easy Experience
These Tales of Vesperia cheats will help you to level up quickly early in the game.

You need to find the little starfish-like monster in the north of Oasis save point in the Sands of Korgoth. Turn on the Dark Bottles at night to bring out all the monsters. Once you see the creatures, engage in battle with them and you’ll get about 800 exp for each one you beat. For every 3 minutes (night falls time) you’ll receive about 4,800 to 6,400 exp points.

Secret Vault Password in Caer Bocram
If you want to save your time figuring password to enter the vault in Caer Bocram, just put “Sun” as a password to unlock it.

Use the Tales of Vesperia cheats below to unlock the achievements. Complete the achievements to get the allotted gamerscore. Here are several achievements you’ll get in this game.

Achievements Tales of Vesperia Cheats
Defeated the Adephagos (200) Beat the Adephagos with Duke.
Ended Alexei’s Ambitions (150) Stop Alexei’s ambitions.
Recovered the Aque Blastia (100) Took back the aque blastia core from Barbos.
Big Game Hunter (50) Slew all Giganto Monsters.
Ahhh, Memories (30) Clear the Labyrinth of Memories.
Monster Nerd (30) Use a Magic Lens.
Little Mad Scientist (10) Make lots of things with synthesize.

Secret Mission Achievements
The following Tales of Vesperia cheats will help you to unlock the secret mission achievements. There are a total of 23 secret mission achievements in this game. Here they are.

Achievements Tales of Vesperia Cheats
Secret Mission 1 (5) Beat Zagi while protecting Estellise.
Secret Mission 2 (5) Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles’ heel while it charged X Buster.
Secret Mission 3 (5) Use the billybally plants to stun Gattuso.
Secret Mission 4 (5) Knocked Zagi overboard after you lured him to the side of the ship.
Secret Mission 5 (5) When the Dreaded Giant reared back and left itself wide open, downed it.
Secret Mission 6 (5) Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it from healing itself.
Secret Mission 7 (5) VS Barbos.
Secret Mission 8 (5) Third battle VS. Zagi.
Secret Mission 9 (5) Beat the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from recombining.
Secret Mission 10 (5) VS. Outbreaker.
Secret Mission 11 (5) VS. Belius.
Secret Mission 12 (5) VS. Nan and Tison.
Secret Mission 13 (5) VS. Schwann.
Secret Mission 14 (5) Fourth battle VS. Zagi. Used Karol’s Nice Recovery Smash arte to force him to recover from poison.
Secret Mission 15 (5) VS. Baitojoh. Hit it 3 times during it’s Ice Edge attack and fished it out of the water.
Secret Mission 16 (5) VS. Estellise. Used the item, Mother’s Memento.
Secret Mission 17 (5) VS. Yeager. Use Raven’s Rain arte.
Secret Mission 18 (5) VS. Alexei. After his mystic arte, downed him by attacking.
Secret Mission 19 (5) VS. Gusios. Attacked his tail, then downed him with a close attack while his feet were raised.
Secret Mission 20 (5) VS. Khroma. Timing your strikes between certain of her attacks to down her.
Secret Mission 21 (5) VS. Flynn.
Secret Mission 22 (5) Fifth battle VS. Zagi.
Secret Mission 23 (5) Beat Duke using a mystic arte.

There you have it. Hopefully those Tales of Vesperia cheats will make you love the game even more and keep playing it for hundred of hours.

Happy gaming.

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