Super Smash Bros Brawl

Super Smash Bros Brawl Secrets Revealed

Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Bros Brawl is in the top 10 best-selling Wii games and is the best fighting game in 2008. The unique battle system and so many famous characters available in Super Smash Bros Brawl have attracted many people to play this game. For those who want to know the secrets of Super Smash Bros Brawl , please read on this article.

Fight Crazy Hand: Reach Master Hand under 9 minutes and without using any continues on Hard or higher difficulty. You then will fight Crazy Hand and Master Hand together at the start of the match in Classic Mode.

Play as Zero Suit Samus: Select Samus at the character screen then hold the following buttons before the match begins with the appropriate controller being used.

Wii Remote, hold Minus button

Wii Remote with Nunchuk, hold Z button

Gamecube / Classic controller, hold R button

Secret Assist Trophies: Complete each task to unlock the corresponding Assist Trophy.

Shadow the Hedgehog, unlocked by acquiring Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ray MK III, unlocked by playing 100 brawls.

Isaac, unlocked by playing 200 brawls.

Advance Wars, unlocked by playing 300 brawls.

Barbara, unlocked by acquiring25 CDs or more.

Gray Fox, unlocked by acquiring Snake.

Unlockable Characters: Complete the tasks to receive the bonus characters.

Luigi, unlocked by playing 22 Brawl Matches or complete Classic without using any continues or beat Luigi in SSE (Subspace Emissary) mode.

Sonic, unlocked by playing 300 Brawl Matches or complete Classic Mode with 10 characters or play Brawl for ten hours or have Sonic join in SSE. Sonic will appear when you are about to fight Tabuu in SSE. Beat Tabuu, save your game, then Sonic will be unlocked.

Mr. Game & Watch, unlocked by beating Target Tests on the same difficulty with at least 30 different characters or play 250 Brawl Matches or have him join in SSE.

Wolf O’Donnell, unlocked by completing Boss Mode with Falco or Fox, or play 450 Brawl Matches or complete SSE mode then fight him in Ruins stage.

Toon Link, unlocked by playing 400 Brawl Matches or completed SSE then fight him in Forest Stage or finish Classic Mode after completing SSE.

Unlockable Stages: Complete each task to get bonus Stage.

Mario Bros, unlocked by completing Even Match #19 (Wario Bros).

Pokemon Stadium, unlocked by playing 10 times on Pokemon Stadium 2 stage.

Luigi’s Mansion, unlocked by playing as Luigi 3 times.

Great Sea, unlocked by acquiring Toon Link.

Flat Zone 2, unlocked by acquiring Mr. Game & Watch.

Spear Pillar, unlocked by completing Even Match #25 (The Aura Is With Me).

75m, unlocked by playing as Donkey Kong 20 times.

Play as Sheik: Select Zelda / Sheik area at the character screen, hover the pointer over your section then press the following buttons to toggle between Sheik and Zelda with the appropriate controller being used.

Wii Remote, press 2.

Wii Remote & Nunchuk, press A.

GameCube / Classic controller, press A.

Trophies: Unlock the Trophy after completing each task.

Tom Nook, unlocked by collecting 1,000 coins in Coins Matches.

Master Hand, unlocked by completing Classic mode with at least 20 characters.

Kapp’n, unlocked by exceeding 300 ft. combined swim distance for all Super Smash Bros Brawl characters.

Stafy, unlocked by completing Target Smash Level 1 with at least 10 characters.

Peanut Popgun, unlocked by completing Target Smash Level 2.

There they are, some of Super Smash Bros Brawl secrets I found. Hopefully those secrets work and you’ll enjoy the game much more.

Happy gaming.

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