Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2

The Great Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2 PC Cheats To Stop The Sith Forever

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 Cheats

It’s not an easy task to stop the Sith, but you have to do it even if it means exploring seven different worlds. As the last of the Jedi, you will be needed for these noble tasks. To help you, I will grant a variety of great Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats that can destroy every obstacle in front of your eyes.

Use these cheats wisely, Jedi.

Revive Your Main Character

These Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats will work when you have 3 people in your party. When your main character dies, let the other two living characters talk to each other. Your main character should back up to life then. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

How to Get Infinite Dark Side Points

It is one of easy Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats you should try.

Just go to Plant Room to see Ithorian after the Ithorians asking for your help. If he asks you to save their leader, Chodo, just ask him for a reward. Leave them on their own after that. You will get Dark Side Points. Do this process repeatedly to get more Dark Side Points.

How to Get Infinite Money

These Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats only work if your main character is male.

In Ebon Hawk you have to remove Handmaiden’s armor then talk and ask her to put some clothes on. Remove her robes after the conversation then tell her to put some clothes on again. You can repeat this process as many times as you like and you can sell those robes that worth around 2,000 credits for each set.

Cheat Codes

You have to edit a game file for these Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats to work.

Open swkotor2.ini in your game folder, scroll to the Game Options section and add EnableCheats=1 then save the file and start the game. Just press ~ while playing the game then input the following Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats to activate the corresponding cheat function although the entry box might be invisible.

Results Cheat Codes
Invincibility invulnerability
Heal selected character’s health and Force
100 Med Kits givemed
100 Advance Repair Kits giverepair
100 Armor givesitharmour
100 Computer Spikes givecomspikes
100 Section Spikes givesecspikes
All limited use items never expire infiniteuses
Add experience addexp [number]
Add indicated number of levels addlevel [number]
Add Light side points addlightside [number]
Add Dark side points adddarkside [number]
Get additional credits givecredits [number]
Show exact location on map whereami
Travel to indicated map warp [map name]
Press M to show entire map revealmap
Set “Computer Use” skill setcomputeruse[1-99]
Set “Demolitions” skill setdemolitions[1-99]
Set “Stealth” skill setstealth[1-99]
Set “Awareness” skill setawareness[1-99]
Set “Persuade” skill setpersuade[1-99]
Set “Repair” skill setrepair[1-99]
Set “Security” skill setsecurity[1-99]
Set “Treat Injury” skill settreatinjury[1-99]
Set “Strength” attribute setstrength[1-99]
Set “Dexterity” attribute setdexterity[1-99]
Set “Construction” attribute setconstitution[1-99]
Set “Intelligence” attribute setintelligence[1-99]
Set “Wisdom” attribute setwisdom[1-99]
Set “Charisma” attribute setcharisma[1-99]
Press W or S to move faster; repeat to disable turbo
Restart mini-games, if you lose restartminigame
Turn darkness into brightness bright
Spawn indicated item giveitem [item name]

Item Cheat Codes

You will get numerous items you like when using these Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats. Just press ~ to open the console and input the codes. Here are some of them.

Items Cheat Codes
Hyper Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_09
Immunity Belt a_belt_17
Powered Battle Armor a_heavy_05
Zabrak Combat Suit a_light_05
Dark Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_14
Dark Jedi Master Robe a_robe_18
Handmaiden’s Robe a_robe_x01
Droid Energized Armor Mark III d_armor_15
Physical Boost Package e_imp1_09
Mental Boost Package e_imp1_10
Hyper-adrenal Strength g_i_adrnaline004
Hyper-adrenal Alacrity g_i_adrnaline005
Hyper-adrenal Stamina g_i_adrnaline006
Life Support Pack g_i_medeqpmnt03
Pazaak Card Double g_i_pazcard_020
Pazaak Card Tie Breaker g_i_pazcard_021
Pazaak Card Flip 2&4 g_i_pazcard_022
Pazaak Card Flip 3&6 g_i_pazcard_023
Devastating Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit025
Energy Projector g_i_upgrade009
Dark Jedi Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr001
Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr002
Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_13
Concussion Rocket w_rocket_11
Ludo Kressh’s War Sword w_melee_x12
Zersium Rifle w_brifle_30
Remote’s Blaster w_blaste_x20
Ostrine Edge u_m_edge_15
Force Focusing Visor a_helmet_30

Well, I hope those Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC cheats will make you a powerful Jedi that will bring peace and stability to the galaxy.

Happy gaming.

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