Saints Row Cheats Xbox 360

Top Rated Saints Row Cheats Xbox 360 to Become Powerful King in Stilwater

Saints Row Xbox 360

In Saints Row, you will have breathtaking journey in the city of Stilwater to build respect and make money which in the end you can fully control the city. You can do anything you want to make this happen. If it takes extortion, theft or true brute force, then that’s what you’ve got to do. It’s not easy to become the King of Stilwater because politicians and other powerful gangs will have you in their crosshairs. If you have trouble, please don’t hesitate to use the Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 below.

Easy Money
Just use the following Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 to get the money easily.

Easy Money #1: Replay Level 8 of the Demolition Derby activity as many times as you like to get $5,000 easily.

Easy Money #2: Go outside of the Downtown Chop Shop activity. Build up your notoriety until the FBI starts coming after you. Steal those FBI cars and hand them over to Chop Shop guy immediately to get $5,000 for each one.

Free Ammo
It’s one of Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 you should try to get the FREE thing.

You need to press RB to sprint and run into some people looking at and holding guns at the gun shop. This will make them drop the gun and of course you’ll get the free ammo.

Free K6 Kruger
You will get K6 with 30/60 that will respawn every 30 seconds in the basketball court when you go to Brown Baggers in Shivington, Projects District.

Warp Into Any Vehicle Instantly
It’s a simple and one of Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 that will save your time during your journey.

All you have to do is to press Y after jumping on top of any vehicle either moving or not including police vehicles. This will instantly kick the driver out and you’ll be in the driver’s seat.

Zombie Lin Unlocked
Use the Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 below to get Zombie Lin as a Homie.

First you must finish the Rollerz storyline then call “Eye for an Eye Voodoo” at 555-5966. Zombie Lin will be as a Homie then.

Secret Phone Numbers
These secret phone numbers will give you some great Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 you can use.

Select “Dial” after pausing the game and press L or R trigger until cell phone is highlighted. Enter one of the following secret phone numbers and choose “Call” to activate the corresponding Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 function. There’s a message if you entered the number correctly.

You won’t get the achievements if you use these Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 though. Just reset the game to disable the cheats.

Saints Row Cheats Xbox 360 Secret Phone Numbers
$1000 cash #money
Full Health #fullhealth
Give Money #66639
God’s Wrath (lightning strikes randomly) #10
Infinite Ammo #AMMO
Infinite Sprint #SPRINT
No Cop Notoriety #nocops
No Gang Notoriety #nogangs
Repairs the car you’re in #778
Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat #42637867
Unlocks INTEREST at your garage #interest
Clear Skies #sunny
Deletes Police Notoriety(Not Infinite) #662677
Drunk Punches #BEERMUSCLES
Enables “Give Fer De Lance”, the best car in the game! #3373352623
Enables “Give RPG Launcher” #Rocket
Spawn a Nelson #635766
Spawn FBI #FBI
Spawn a Titan #84826

That’s all top rated Saints Row cheats Xbox 360 you can use. Hopefully those cheats will ease your jobs bringing down the other gangs and giving the Saints full control over the city. You can survive in the city, easily make money & build respect and finally become the King there.

Happy gaming.

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