Rome Total War Cheats

Great Rome Total War Cheats To Become Great Emperor

Rome Total War Cheats

Rome Total War is one of the greatest video games of all time. This PC game has received various awards including the Best Strategy Games of 2004 and has high scores from numerous gaming websites and the major critic reviews.

Set in the era of the Roman Empire, your main objective is to become emperor by gaining support from the people and conquer so many provinces before capturing Rome Itself. It’s a tough job but you must do it. If you feel overwhelmed by it all or you want your task becomes much easier, don’t hesitate to use the Rome Total War cheats below.

Prevent the Attacks from Other Factions
Use the Rome Total War cheats below to make other factions can’t attack you.

All you have to do is to SAVE during other faction’s turn then LOAD. This will make they go through the rest of their turn without attacking or moving their troops.

Change the Cost of the Building
If you want to make your enemies have hard time building something then you can use the following Rome Total War cheats.

Just go to Program Files/Creative Assembly/Rometotalwar/data/buildings. Change the number or cost of the building from 1 to 1 million. This will make your enemies take lots of time building it.

Rome Total War Cheats Mode
These Rome Total War cheats require you to edit your game file on game folder (Program Files\Activision\Rome – Total War). Make sure you create a backup first before proceeding. Edit the “preference.txt” file in the game folder by changing the value from TRUE to FALSE or vice versa.

Here are some Rome Total War cheats you can have:

Rome Total War Cheats How to Get the Cheats
Unlimited Ammo Change TRUE to FALSE next to the words LIMITED_AMMO.
Turn off Fog of War Change TRUE to FALSE next to the words FOG_OF_WAR.
Unrestricted Camera Change TRUE to FALSE next to the words RESTRICT_CAMERA.
Change Unit Size Change the number to either 20(Small), 40(Normal), 80(Large), or 160(Huge) next to the words UNIT_SIZE.
Turn off Unit Arrow Markers Change FALSE to TRUE next to the words DISABLE_ARROW_MARKERS.
Remove Fatigue Change TRUE to FALSE next to the word FATIGUE.
Remove Morale Change TRUE to FALSE next to the word MORALE.

In order to make those Rome Total War cheats work, you need to start a new campaign.

Rome Total War Cheats Codes
Just press the tilde (~) key to display the console window while playing the game. Then input the Rome Total War cheats codes below to get the effects.

Effects Rome Total War Cheats Codes
Increase money by 40,000 add_money 40000
General becomes invulnerable in combat invulnerable_general [character]
Capture indicated city capture_settlement [city name]
Toggle everyone’s spying ability to
perfect with infinite range
Set building health of the specified type
in a settlement
set_building_health [value]
10% cheaper units in campaign mode gamestop or bestbuy
Remove faction from the game kill_faction [value]
Ignite all piggy winks burn_piggies_burn
Toggle camera restrictions toggle_restrictcam
Kill indicated character kill_character [character]
Force opponent to accept diplomatic
force_diplomacy [accept|decline|off]
Give points for indicated character’s trait give_trait_points [character] [trait] [number]
Trigger unit upgrade effect upgrade_effect
40% bigger elephants in campaign mode oliphaunt
Enemy’s Walls fall down in siege in battle map mode jericho
Toggle fog of war toggle_fow
Add population to indicated city add_population [city name] [number]
Attacker or defender automatically wins
next auto resolved battle
auto_win [attacker|defender]
Force local player’s alliance to win the

Those Rome Total War cheats codes are case sensitive. If you are using patch 1.2 or lower, the codes may have a limited use. So, if you want to use the codes again then you must exit the program and restart it. In other hand, you’ll have infinite use of Rome Total War cheats codes if you use patch 1.3 or higher.

Those are some Rome Total War cheats you can use to beat this game easily and become the ruler of the Roman Empire. Hopefully, these cheats can work well and you’ll have fun playing the game.

Happy gaming.

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