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Best Accessories for Your PSP Console

By Yenoscyu

PSP Accessories

It is undeniable that the PSP console is a favorite portable game console for many people. Until now, the PSP console has sold over 67 million units worldwide. You can play various kinds of cool games with superb graphics in its widescreen. Its ability is not limited to gaming, but also functions as a robust multi-media. You can play movies, music, and other interesting stuff in it. You can browse the net and also connect your elegant PSP console with other PSPs, PS2, and PS3.

As you might know, there are plenty of accessories for the PSP console that can make you play the games for so many hours and can make your portable console more durable. Here are some accessories you can consider to use in your beloved PSP console.

1. PSP Console Theater Experience

PSP Accessories

Produced by Nyko, this cool case for PSP console has several functions and is made of dark brushed alumunium. It includes a rechargeable battery power that results in 7 hours of playtime over the original PSP console battery power. The Theater Experience is a perfect accessory for listening music and watching movie while you’re on the road. It has a couple of built-in, hi-fi stereo speakers as well as double headphone jacks. Furthermore, it functions as a flexible stand, letting you optimally place the PSP console for watchng. And on top of that, you’ll receive a minimum of 3 charges from this cool accessory.


2. Logic3 Sound System for PSP Console

PSP Accessories

This accessory produced by Logic3 is a double portable 2.1 speaker system as well as recharging docking station. This accessory for PSP console features a 3.5 mm stereo line-in for audio gadgets in order to result sound over the speakers. Since the PSP console sits within the holder among a couple of speakers, an excellent amplifier, heavy bass sub-woofer and also 3 dimensional surround sound processor blend to generate a strong music intended for game enthusiasts. The PSP console will be recharged throughout the holder via either four AA batteries or an integrated AC adapter.


3. PSP Console PlayGear Pocket

PSP Accessories

Created by Logitech, this accessory is made by indestructible polycarbonate shell that provides your PSP console a great sufficient layer for protection. Its great design provides you 100 % entry to all of the PSP console ports and features. You won’t ever need to take away the PSP console out of your PlayGear Pocket. Just turn it open and you are all set to game, tune in to music, or enjoy the movie. Its adjustable 270-degree lid can be used to either as a stand for watching movies or protect the PSP console screen from the sunlight.

4. PSP Console PlayGear Street

PSP Accessories

The PlayGear Street, manufactured by Logitech, is really a smartly designed PSP console case that enables you to bring your PSP console, 4 Memory Stick Duos, and 3 UMDs. The shell of the case is constructed of polycarbonate, that shields the inside material out of daily protrusions as well as scrapes. This case includes a good flexible strap that enables it being carried around the chest, like a shoulder bag or simply placed on a backpack. It’s got quick access to the headphone jack without opening the case and also built-in cord management to prevent tangles.

5. PSP 3000 invisibleSHIELD (Full Body)

PSP Accessories

Made by Zagg, this accessory will protect your entire PSP console from scratch. It’s transparent and also incredibly thin that you won’t believe if your PSP console is wearing it. Made by an ultra-tough, trademarked film special to Zagg, this accessory is created to exactly fit the curves of your expensive PSP console and gives awesome protection. It is believed that this shield is also able to withstand key scratches and other sharp objects.

6. PSP Console PlayGear Amp

PSP Accessories

It’s another Logitech’s product. This accessory comes with the unit itself, the PSP console cradle, an AC power adapter (it can also runs on 4 AAA batteries), one 3 foot cable, one short cable, and the carrying case. The system is very simple to set up. Just unfold the speakers, flip over the stand, connect inside your PSP console and you’ll get superb sound than provided by internal speakers of your PSP console. Place your portable game console in the included cradle then enjoy the movie or use the included 3 foot cable to play games while experiencing the exceptional sound from this great additon to the PSP console.


Those are some of the accessories for PSP console you can use to increase your fun playing games and get ultimate entertainment.

Happy gaming.

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