PS3 Controller

How to Choose PS3 Controller

By Yenoscyu

PS3 Wireless Controller

As a PlayStation 3 gamer, you have to get a good PS3 Controller to maximize your gaming experience. You have several options when choosing your second or replacement PS3 controller.

Let’s find out the options.

Option 1 : Get the Official PS3 Controller

There’s no doubt that Sony has been known for their superb controllers since the grey PlayStation (PS1). The controllers respond extremely well, feel good in the hands, last a long time, and durable. So is the Dualshock 3 (PS3 Controller). The Dualshock 3 offers motion sensing, rumble features, and wireless. The button on PS3 Controller is analog. It means that even the gentle press of a button will be recognized and make a different impact.

Option 2 : Third Party PS3 Controller

Most of PS3 controllers by third party are much cheaper than the official. These controllers usually don’t have quality features Dualshock 3 has. For example, they don’t have sixaxis support or are not wireless.

The only thing that third party controllers worth looking into are controllers designed for fighting games. They have supreme quality. These may include fighting sticks that emulate the type of controls that you would find in an arcade or pads that are more suited to string combos and certain moves in fighting games.

Usually, fighting sticks are very expensive. It can be priced over $100. On the other hand, fighting pads have reasonable price, around the Dualshock 3 price. For the most hardcore gamers, the price isn’t a problem as long as they can max out their skills.

Option 3 : Used PS3 Controller

This is the alternative if you want an official PS3 controller with cheap price. You can find this cheap controller in the swap meet (flee market). Here you might pay $25 for used PS3 controller. It’s better than paying $40 just for a controller.

If you browse the net, you can find one in site like eBay. If you are savvy enough, maybe you can get PS3 controller that is less than $10. Just go for it.

Option 4 : Brand New PS3 Controller, PlayStation Move Controller

PlayStation Move Controller is Sony’s new motion sensing controller. To make use of its motion sensing games, Move controller incorporates two wireless controllers and the PlayStation Eye. It can track almost perfectly the gamer’s movement. Maybe Move controller looks like Nintendo Wii, but the PlayStation Move in fact uses different motion technology that can bring extremely realistic gaming experience.

Ok gamers, those are the options. Now it’s up to you how to choose PS3 controller.

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