PS3 Bluetooth Headset

Using PS3 Bluetooth Headset to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

By Yenoscyu

Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset

Technology is awesome. Rapid development makes things easier and convenient. The game world absolutely felt the effects of these positive developments in technology. PS3 Bluetooth Headset is a one great example of cool technology in this modern era. By using PS3 Bluetooth Headset you can get superb sensation of playing online games. You can chat with your opponent around the world when playing your favorite PS3 games. And not only that, the PS3 Bluetooth Headset also can be used to make a call, receive a call, or listen to music when it’s not used for gaming. So, PS3 Bluetooth Headset functions both for gaming and mobile phone use.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset comes with stylish and various models, easy to operate, portable, comfortable to use, no extra cables needed (wireless), provides crystal clear voice quality and not too expensive. If you love playing PS3 games online or multiplayer, then the PS3 Bluetooth Headset is the perfect accessory for you. You’ll be able to compete with your opponent, wherever they are in this world, while talking with them. There is a satisfaction when playing with other persons than against the computer or CPU alone.

Finding PS3 Bluetooth Headset

It’s not difficult to find a PS3 Bluetooth Headset on the market. There are various brands of Bluetooth Headset which can be used for playing games on the PS3. Most new products released are compatible with the PS3, maybe even the cheapest Bluetooth Headset can work on the PS3. Several world famous brands of mobile phones also have Bluetooth Headset compatible with the PS3.

Here are some brands that have been known to have Bluetooth Headset compatible with PS3.

Avantalk BlueAnt BlueTrek Cardo
Encore Electronics Jabra LG Logitech
Motorola MyVoice Nexxus Nokia
nXZEN Omnitech Plantronics Radio Shack
Samsung Sony Computer Ent. Sony Ericsson Southwing (Cingular)
Soyo Tekkeon Venom VXI

PS3 Bluetooth Headset You Can Try

If you want to buy a PS3 Bluetooth Headset then you should compare a few things first since there are so many of them in the market. Some things you should consider such as the compatibility, models, talk time (battery life), the operating range, and price.

Below are some examples of PS3 Bluetooth Headset available you can try to add the excitement when playing online or multiplayer game.

The Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset

Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset

You can count on the quality of this Sony’s official PS3 Bluetooth Headset. This product has a dual microphone design and noise cancellation technology embedded directly into the headset which helps filter ambient noise when talking, leading to pristine sound for both listener and speaker.

There are several interesting features in this PS3 Bluetooth Headset such as easily accessible microphone mute button and the in-game headset status indicator displays connection status, speaker volume level, and battery charge level. This PS3 Bluetooth Headset will function as a desktop microphone when plugged into the charging cradle. So you still can chat with your friends while charging this PS3 Bluetooth Headset.

This official PS3 Bluetooth Headset has a talk time up to 6 hours, the operating range up to 33 feet (10 meters), automatic pairing with the PS3 system, and has a compact and sleek appearance. If it’s not being used for gaming, the PS3 Bluetooth Headset also works for the mobile phone use. You can get this official Sony product for about $ 50.

The Ear Force PBT

Ear Force PBT

This PS3 Bluetooth Headset is made by Turtle Beach. This device has a dual-pairing technology between the PS3 system and a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. You can easily switch between online chat and taking a phone call just with a single touch of a button.

The Ear Force PBT has a talk time up to 5 hours, standby time up to 1 week, and has a range up to 30 feet (10 meters). With prices around $ 50, I think this PS3 Bluetooth Headset is good enough to be one of your several options when finding great device to enhance your gaming experience when playing PS3 games online.

Mad Catz PS3 Bluetooth Headset

Mad Catz PS3 Bluetooth Headset

This PS3 Bluetooth Headset made by Mad Catz is also compatible with other devices such as PDAs, computers and cell phones. The gadget has the noise reducing mic which maintains crystal clear sound throughout your online gaming sessions. You can control all of your conversations with features such as muting and volume control.

With a compact and lightweight design, as well as coverage reaching 30 feet, you can get this PS3 Bluetooth Headset for about $ 30.



Those are some PS3 Bluetooth Headset that can be used to add fun to your online gaming experience. If you really like to play online gaming on the PS3, then the PS3 Bluetooth Headset is a sophisticated accessory that works for you.

Happy gaming.

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