PS3 60GB

These are the Reasons Why You Should Keep Your PS3 60GB

By Yenoscyu

PS3 60GB

PS3 60GB is one of several PS3 models created by Sony. As you may know, there are various models of PS3 based on data storage capacity, ranging from 20GB up to 320GB. Most of these models are now no longer manufactured. The latest version of the PS3 which is still manufactured today is 160GB and 320GB version in the slim form.

Currently the PS3 60GB has been discontinued, but you can still find it both online and offline. As an initial model produced by Sony, PS3 60GB actually has a variety of things which the latest models don’t have. For some reasons below, you should still keep your PS3 60GB.

1. Backward Compatibility

PS3 60GB allows you to play PS1 and PS2 games which can’t be done by the other PS3 models. A true Sony fans certainly know that there are many quality games on the PS1 and PS2 consoles. With hardware planted in it, the PS3 60GB is able to play those cool games perfectly.

Here are some examples of games that can be played on the PS3 60GB:

Games Original System Publisher
Devil May Cry (series) PS2 Capcom
Final Fantasy VII PS1 Square Enix
Final Fantasy XII PS2 Square Enix
God of War II PS2

Sony Computer Entertainment

GTA: San Andreas PS2 Rockstar Games
Kingdom Hearts (series) PS2 Square Enix
MGS 3: Snake Eater PS2 Konami
Resident Evil (series) PS1, PS2 Capcom

 If you like those great games, then play them back on the PS3 60GB.

 2. Just for Play Games

PS3 60GB indeed doesn’t have a hard drive as big as the latest versions have. With a larger hard drive, you can store a lot more interesting content, such as games, personal photos, music, movies, TV shows, videos, and so much more. But the truth is, not everyone needs a big hard drive for such things. If you are the one that don’t care about anything outside the game, the hard drive PS3 60GB has is enough to keep you entertained. You can still play cool games with your PS3 60GB.

3. Blu-ray Player and Multimedia Entertainment

One other reason why you should keep the PS3 60GB is its technology. By having PS3 60GB means that you have a game console as well as Blu-ray player which is a current advanced technology. You can enjoy the Blu-ray movies on PS3 60GB without having to buy the expensive player separately.

PS3 60GB is another type of PS3 models which is the only nextgen console that use Blu-ray disc drive that reportedly will become the new standard for data storage media. Blu-ray can hold so much data compared to competitors’ standard disc drive. Thus, you can play marvelous game with just using one Blu-ray disc on your PS3 60GB.

Other than for playing games, the PS3 60GB is a great source for having superb entertainment. You can do various things with your PS3 60GB, such as playing music downloaded from the internet, play videos, play games online with other players around the world, watch BBC iPlayer on TV, and stream video from a PC or notebook. You don’t need to buy the latest version of PS3 to get those entertainments. The PS3 60GB is quite capable giving it all to your satisfaction.

4. Future Investment

You will have no clue what will happen in the future. Anything can happen beyond our prediction. Many people had no idea how the Final Fantasy VII on the PS1 could be worth over $ 1,000 today. FF VII was a phenomenal game, but no one predicted the price could be so high. The same condition also could apply to the PS3 60GB you have.

As one of the initial models and has a backward compatibility feature which is now discontinued, the PS3 60GB would have a strong selling point that could be an attractive future investment. Who knows?

Those are some reasons why you should keep your PS3 60GB. Hopefully, this article could make you appreciate the PS3 60GB you have much better and don’t immediately sell it to get the latest model.

Happy gaming.

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