Pokemon Leafgreen Cheats

Top Choices of Pokemon Leafgreen Cheats

Pokemon Leafgreen Cheats

For GBA players out there, here are some top choices of Pokemon Leafgreen Cheats I found to help you beat and bring more fun when playing this awesome game.

Easy Money #1

Go to Gorgeous Resort located on Island 5 to the northeast. You will get lots of money if you beat two wealthy trainers there, named Lady Gillian and Lady Jacki. You will earn $9,800 if you beat Lady Gillian ($19,600 with Amulet Coin), and earn $10,000 if you beat Lady Jacki ($20,000 with Amulet Coin). Their pokemons also carry expensive items, such as Stardust and Nugget. You can obtain these items using Covet or Thief.

Easy Money #2

Just use Meowth with Pay Day attack in trainer or wild battles to get easy money.

Exp Share

If you have collected at least 50 pokemons, talk to Professor Aid inside the big place at Route 15. He will give you the Exp Share that will give the exact number of experience points to the pokemons holding this item

50 Free Coins

You will get 50 free coins if you talk to certain people in the Gamecorner in Celadon City. The man at the far right slots will give you 20 coins if you talk to him. Talk to man on the slots beside him and to the guy that looks like a fisherman on the left side of Gamecorner, then they will give you 20 and 10 free coins, respectively.

Get 200 Free Coins

Use the Itemfinder or search manually to find at least 200 coins lying on many spots in the Gamecorner.

Special Items on Itemfinder

Use the Itemfinder on the EXACT spots where pokemon or certain people have stood at one point then you will get special items.

Macho Brace, use Itemfinder where Giovanni was in Viridian Gym.

Soothe Bell, use Itemfinder where Mr. Fuji was standing in Pokemon Tower.

Leftovers, use Itemfinder where 2 Snorlaxes appeared.

Master Ball

You will catch any Pokemon without fail by using Master Ball. The President will give you this item after saving him in Saffron City by defeating the leader of Team Rocket.

Trainer Card Upgrades

You can upgrade your trainer card up to four times by completing certain tasks, from Blue to Green, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The upgrades will add a star to your trainer card and change the color.

Star #1, unlock it by defeating the Elite Four.

Star #2, unlock it by completing the Kanto Dex (Pokemon 1-150).

Star #3, unlock it by completing the National Dex (Except Celebi, Mew, Deoxys, Jirachi).

Star #4, unlock it by scoring 200 jumps in Pokemon Jump and 200 berries in Dodrio Berry Picking.

I hope those Pokemon Leafgreen Cheats work and you can spend hours enjoying this one of best-selling Game Boy Advance games.

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