Pokemon Black Cheat

Top Rated Pokemon Black Cheat And Secret For Your Great Adventure

Cheats For Pokemon Black

If you want to play the game even more fun, then you might consider using the Pokemon Black cheat and secret below. You will find that your adventure in Black City, catching, training, and battling Pokemon will be more exciting.

Here’s the Pokemon Black cheat and secret that I found.

Rewards from Beating Elite Four
This Pokemon Black cheat requires you to beat the Elite Four to get some special rewards. Here are some of your rewards.

1. National Dex
Beat the Elite Four once and leave your house after the credits complete. Professor Juniper’s Dad will upgrade your Pokedex to National Dex.

2. New Wallpapers
You will get a new set of wallpapers by beating the Elite Four. Beat them again for the second time to get another new wallpapers.

3. Trainer Card color
This Pokemon Black cheat also can make you have other color for your Trainer Card. Beat the Elite Four and the color of your Trainer Card will change.

Alternate Trainer Card Colors
Other than beating the Elite Four, there are other ways to change the color of your Trainer Card. Do the following Pokemon Black cheat to get alternative colors.

You have to complete one of the indicated tasks to change your Trainer Card to the next color. Those tasks are:

1. Complete the National Pokedex.
2. Have all Pokemon Musical Items.
3. Have all Entralink Powers.
4. Earn a 49 Streak in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway.

Birthday Rewards
You can do Pokemon Black cheat below to get special rewards on your BIRTHDAY.

All you have to do is to set DS system’s setting to your birthday. Then, go to Pokemon Center. Talk to the nurse there. If she asks if it is your birthday, answer YES and she will wish you a happy birthday. Next, go to Pokemon Musical. Talk the owner upstairs and you’ll get the BIRTHDAY CAKE PROP. Finally, go to Route 14 and 15, and enjoy the SCENERY because the mist will be gone.

The Legendary Pokemon
Use this Pokemon Black cheat to have Legendary Pokemon and Celebi to your Pokemon Black or Pokemon White.

Go to Castelia City and talk to the scientist that wants a password in the second floor of the Name-Rater Services Building. Give him the password “Everyone Happy” then “Simple Connection”. Save your game. Now you can use the RELOCATOR option at the main menu to transfer the LEGENDARY TRIO (Suicune, Raikou and Entei) and CELEBI to Pokemon Black or White.

Catch Special Pokemon
Use this Pokemon Black cheat to catch special Pokemon, Victini.

First, you have to use the Nintendo Wifi connection to get the Mystery Gift (Liberty Pass) from the main menu BEFORE April 10, 2011. Then, use the Liberty Pass to catch VICTINI in the dungeon of the tower at Liberty Garden.

How to Get Seasonal Pokemon and Items
By using this Pokemon Black cheat you can easily catch Pokemon that show up in different seasons without waiting for the season to change.

This Pokemon Black cheat is really simple. All you have to do is to change the DS system’s setting to the desired month of the season you want it to be. After that, just go to any zone and it’ll be the season you want it to be. It’s that simple. Now, you can catch different seasonal Pokemon and also get the seasonal items easily.

Now you know the Pokemon Black cheat that you can use when playing this great game.

Hopefully this article will help you.

Happy gaming.

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