Playstation Store

The Benefits of PlayStation Store

By Yenoscyu

PlayStation Store

Right now, PSP and PS3 owners have online virtual market called PlayStation Store which they can access through PlayStation Network, via an icon on the XMB on PSP and PS3. The store for PSP can also be accessed via Media Go (PC application), whilst PS3 store is also available through Remote Play connection to the PS3.

PlayStation Store provides wide range of downloadable content freely and for purchase. The content includes playable demos, themes, full games, movie trailers, and TV shows.

You can also buy “add on game content” in PlayStation Store. This add on usually available for games that have huge on line followings, which will give you more options when playing games, for about $10. The add on can enhance gaming experience because it can give some powers or extras like secret weapons, more HP, secret items, and new vehicles.

The contents on PlayStation Store are updated regularly. In North America the updates are each Tuesday, and for PAL regions are each Wednesday. For PSP, since May 2010, the contents are updates each Thursday to allow PSP games to be released digitally which close to the time they are released on UMD.

PlayStation Store also offers subscriptions such as Qore and FirstPlay. Qore is a subscription based interactive online magazine for the PlayStation Network that launched on the PlayStation Store on June 5th, 2008. It is released monthly.

The other subscription, FirstPlay, produced by Future Publishing. Previously known as Official PlayStation Magazine HD or OPMHD. Just like Qore, FirstPlay offers exclusive demos, downloads, and videos, but it’s available via PlayStation Store in the UK and released weekly. Firstplay is released in April 2010 then will be expanded to Europe during the rest of 2010.

All purchases in PlayStation Store are made using the actual real world currency of the users’ home country. For example, in the United States, purchases are made using USD. But there is exception of alternatives in some countries though, such as Japan. It means that payment system in PlayStation Store is different than Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo DSi Shop, and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace which each use their own specific currencies (Nintendo Points and Microsoft Points).

Just visit PlayStation Store to enhance your gaming experience.

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