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Do We Really Need PlayStation Game Cheats ?

By Yenoscyu

PlayStation Game Cheats

The development of technology is truly amazing. Technology really can make your life easier and more enjoyable. So did that happen in the gaming world. Currently, gamers, the PlayStation players for example, can use “cheat code” when playing games. PlayStation game cheats usage has become commonplace today. And the remarkable thing is as soon as a game released in the market, the cheats will appear as well in short time.

You can get a PlayStation game cheats on many websites. These cheats can be a combination of buttons of the PlayStation controller, passwords, or a combination of numbers and letters that must be inputted via special equipment that you should buy first. By using the PlayStation game cheats your in-game characters will have, for example, unlimited money, unlimited health, more powerful, able to access the hidden places easily, can get a great weapon, and many more. It sounds very interesting right.

The question now is : Do we really need a PlayStation game cheats when playing games?

There are pros and cons about using these cheats.

The Pros

PlayStation game cheats really help players when playing games. There are several advantages when using these PlayStation game cheats, such as :

1. Save game time.

PlayStation game cheats can make your playing time shorter. When playing RPG type games, you will take dozens of hours to complete the main story only, not including additional missions or side quests. By using PlayStation game cheats, you don’t have to circle around for hours to collect money that will bore you. Instead, you will have lots of money instantly.

2. Obtaining secret / treasure items easily.

By using PlayStation game cheats, you can get the strongest weapon or the coolest car at the beginning of the game without having to finish the story first.

3. Playing games becomes much easier and fun.

PlayStation game cheats can make your game time a lot more fun. You will not experience stress when playing games. You can get through difficult levels easily, you can fight the last boss without the stress or strain. You do not need to say harsh words or curses, or throw a game console or controller to the wall. Playing games become more enjoyable.

The Cons

There are different view of using PlayStation game cheats, among others :

1. Game takes time to finish.

The game must be completed without any third-party assistance. If a game takes a long time to finish, consider it as a process that must be followed. If you don’t like the game with a very long game time, just don’t play RPGs, play any other type of games, like fighting games, racing games, or puzzles games.

2. The reward only goes for true gamers.

These groups of people have satisfaction if they have succesfully completed difficult game without PlayStation game cheats. Difficult game is a challenge that must be overcome. There is nothing interesting for a game that easily beat. The reward can be obtained after a game finished and goes for gamers who play honestly without PlayStation game cheats.

3. Cheats can ruin your games.

Some PlayStation game cheats sometimes can make your game freeze or doesn’t run well. In addition, the use of PlayStation game cheats can also negate the element of surprise of a game. No more surprises or intriguing, because everything has been opened at the beginning by those cheats.

That’s some insight into the pros and cons on the use of PlayStation game cheats. On which sides are you ?

For myself, it does not matter if you use the PlayStation game cheats as long as not excessive and do not interfere the story of a game. Games should be fun and not become a new source of stress instead. Just use them wisely.

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