Nick Jr Games

Why Your Kids Should Play Nick Jr Games?

By Yenoscyu

Nick Junior Games

Nick Jr games are created by Nickelodeon specifically for children aged 3 to 6 years. You can play Nick Jr games for free on its website which are full of color, sound, and fun. There are more than 200 exciting games that can be played and can be a means of learning process for your kids.

Nick Jr games use famous characters and shows from Nickelodeon as the main character in these games. Those characters include Dora, Diego, Kai-lan, Team Umizoomi, and The Fresh Beat Band. Nick Jr games are very easy to play. Most of them are simple point and click games. Parents can accompany their children when playing Nick Jr games. There are parenting tips that will explain how the game will be played.

Nick Jr games can be played directly without having to download them. To select Nick Jr games to be played you can choose based on several categories, which are :

a. Show

You can choose Nick Jr games based on Nickelodeon characters or shows available, such as Dora The Explorer, The Backyardigans, Wonder Perts!, or Blue’s Clues.

b. Themes

By this category you can choose Nick Jr games based on game types, such as adventure, arcade-style, letters and spelling, number and shapes, or sports.

c. Ages

You can choose Nick Jr games based on age categories ranging from 2-3 years to 5-6 years.

Nick Jr games teach a variety of things that contain educational values and fun as well. Your kids will not get bored learning new things in their lives. Some development skills learned in the Nick Jr games are:

a. Counting

Your kids will learn numbers, measurements, counting, math terms (less than, more than, circle), and math concepts (shapes, patterns, comparison).

b. Reading

Focus on early literacy and include : listening, speech, comprehension, reading, vocabulary, writing, spelling, letters and their sounds.

c. Discovering

Nick Jr games will teach your kids about asking questions, observing and predicting, and investigating objects, earth, space, and nature.

d. Exploring

Your kids will learn encompasses diversity, local neighborhood and community, family roles and traditions, and global cultures and languages.

e. Music

Nick Jr games will let your kids learn dancing and moving, appreciating different styles of music, understanding concepts like rhythm and dynamics, singing and playing instruments.

f. Creating

This development skill includes experimentation, self-expression, and imagination through visual arts (like sculpting and painting), cooking, dance, and dramatic play.

Below are some of the popular Nick Jr games that can be played for free:

Dora Saves the Farm

Nick Jr Games

Ages : 3-6 years

This game will develop your kids’ basic motor skills and animal-sounds recognition by using mouse to help Dora with multiple activities on Benny’s Farm. The activities include match hiding animals with the sounds they make, collect the chickens’ eggs with a basket, and help the baby pigs out of the mud and into their hut.

Diego’s Safari Resque

Nick Jr Games

Ages : 3-5 years

Your kids will learn matching skills and develop memory by helping Diego and Erin the elephant saving the animals in Africa. Click on bushes and trees to free animals under magician’s spell, match the patterns, and those animals will be freed.

Rintoo’s Dragon Boat Rowing Race!

Nick Jr Games

Ages : 5-6 years

This exciting game will develop your kids’ motor skills by moving the mouse back and forth (rowing the boat) to win the race.

You can visit the site for more cool Nick Jr games to play.

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