The Basic Facts of New PSP Type : PSP Phone

By Yenoscyu

PSP Phone

PlayStation Portable (PSP) is today’s most sophisticated handheld gaming system. PSP has amazing record sales, although still not been able to beat the sales of the Nintendo DS. Sony does not want to be second best, so various attempts were made for these handhelds can dominate the market.

One way to reach that goal is by making new PSP type, which is a PSP Phone. This news was widely heard in a couple months ago. There is still no confirmation from Sony about this. But from the last news received, this new PSP type will use code name Zeus Z1.

PSP Phone is a device that combines the PSP with mobile phones. You can enjoy full gaming experience on the PSP and also make call, send text messages, checking email, and other functions smartphone has with this gadget. This new PSP will have PSP Go’s gamepad and touch screen usually used on the Sony Ericsson’s smartphone.

The size of the PSP Phone is estimated at 3.7 inches or 4.1 inches in the form of pop-out slider with the buttons like on the PSP rather than a qwerty keypad. This new PSP also has a 5 mega pixel camera, Qualcomm MSM8665 processor, 1 GB ROM, and 512 MB RAM.

Sony has set up the games specifically intended for this new PSP, whether by making new games or to change the specification of an existing PSP game suited to the PSP Phone software. PSP Phone will be integrated with Sony’s Marketplace so users can download compatible games online. Games that are compatible rumored Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and God of War. But of course we expect that this new PSP can be compatible with all PSP games available.

Hopefully all the sophisticated features in PSP and all functions smartphone has can be integrated well on this new PSP, and there is no downgrade. I’m sure if this new PSP can be realized it will be a serious challenger to Google Droid or Apple I-Phone and of course could threaten sales of the Nintendo DS.

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