New PS3

What Is So Fascinating About New PS3 Models ?


By Yenoscyu

New PS3 Model

Recently, Sony has released the new PS3 models for the PlayStation, which are the PlayStation 3 Slim 160 GB, PlayStation 3 Move Bundle (320 GB), and PlayStation 3 Slim 250 GB. The last model is usually sold with a packed-in game or accessory and available at certain stores.

What exactly new PS3 models offer ? What is so fascinating about new PS3 ?

One thing that new PS3 models offer is more bigger hard drives available compared to the old version of PS3. This definitely will make you can store a lot more interesting content, such as movies, TV shows, games, personal photos, music, video, and so much more.

Another thing offered by the new PS3 models is those available in the slim form. This means 33 percent smaller and 36 percent lighter than its predecessors. And this makes the price cheaper than the old version with the same hard drive. Other advantages are: more compact design with quieter operation, easy to use interface, all games in high definition, more energy efficient, and retains virtually all multimedia, the impressive gaming, and home theater functionality of previous PS3s.

In this new PS3 models, Sony also includes a bundled package. This package includes the PlayStation 3 with 320 GB, PlayStation Eye Camera, PlayStation Move Controller, and Sport Champions game. This bundle package of course can save your money and also could bring the phenomenal sensation of playing games.

With PlayStation Move controller, you can have an exceptional gaming experience. Just play Champions Sports games included in the package using the Move controller, and you will immediately know what the meaning of fun in playing games. Some people say, the game is even better than Wii Sports Resort.

New PS3 models, of course, are part of Sony’s strategies to compete with Microsoft and Nintendo. On the other end, Microsoft is selling Xboxes and Kinects like crazy while Nintendo’s offering bundled units at interesting discounts.
That’s the exciting new PS3 models offered by Sony at the end of this year. Those new PS3 models have price tags ranging from $ 300 up to $ 400. Just choose that match your interests and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

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