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Great Collection of Kingdom Hearts Cheats

Kingdom Hearts Cheats PS2

Kingdom Hearts is a fun and great PS2 game. Here, a variety of famous characters from the Final Fantasy series and Disney join forces to create a cool real-time action game. There are over 100 characters who appear in Kingdom Hearts, including Hercules, Jafar, Tarzan, Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, Aerith, and the mighty Sephiroth.

In Kingdom Hearts you control Sora who is accompanied by Donald and Goofy for a great adventure in the amazing world of Disney to find his friends and the missing King Mickey. They will face a tough and dangerous journey for so many vicious monsters await them. So, if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to use a great collection of Kingdom Hearts cheats below.

Stop The Time
Use the following Kingdom Hearts cheats to have a battle with unlimited time.

In Hercules Cup, just press start then select restart. After you do this, the timer will freeze when you restart the match.

Easy Mystery Goos
You will get easy mystery goo by doing three of the same spells on a White Mushroom. For example: Fire + Fire + Fire.

Unfortunately, this is one of Kingdom Hearts cheats that works on the Japanese version only.

Keyblade Move To Reach Higher Place
When jumping in mid air, just swing the keyblade several times to get more air during the jump. This will make you reach certain distant places.

It’s one of good Kingdom Hearts cheats to use if you lack of certain ability such as Glide or High Jump ability.

Neverland Clock Tower Reward
Use the Kingdom Hearts cheats below if you want some cool rewards at Neverland.

When the game’s clock is on an exact hour, go to Neverland and fly to the doors on one of the sides. You will find that one door is glowing. Go there and you will get the reward. You will get better reward at the later hour.

Great Combination To Get Infinite Magic And Easy Money
Use the following Kingdom Hearts cheats at an open area where a lot of enemies appear to get easy money with infinite magic.

All you have to do is to summon Bambi and have Jackpot and Treasure Magnet abilities on. By doing this you will have quick collection of, and increases the number of Magic Bubbles Bambi drops, respectively. So you will get magic back at a fast rate. You won’t need ethers since you can refill your magic at the end of a battle.

If you use area effect spells such as Thunder repeatedly on a group of enemies, you will get lots of drop items if you equip the Jackpot ability to increase the item drop rate and Treasure Magnet to collect them all.

So, the combination of these will give you infinite magic and easy money. Just try it for yourself.

Kingdom Hearts Cheats On Game Shark
Use these Kingdom Hearts cheats on your Game Shark to get several cheats results.

Results Kingdom Hearts Cheats Codes
Master Code (Must Be On) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8E6446 BCB935CE
Infinite Munny DEBE7E22 BCAA2122
Pause to Save DEB691DE BCBADD0B
Max HP – Sora FEBFDA14 BCA99B82
Max MP – Sora FEBFDA16 BCA99B82
Max AP – Sora FEBFDA11 BCA99B82
Max STR- Sora FEBFDA10 BCA99B82
Max DEF – Sora FEBFDA13 BCA99B82
Max EXP – Sora DEBFDACE BC413102
Max Level – Sora FEBFDA0A BCA99BE7
Max Accesory Slots – Sora FEBFDA22 BCA99B8B
Max Item Slots – Sora FEBFDA29 BCA99B8F
Quick Level Gain – Sora CEBFDACE BCA99A82

Kingdom Hearts Cheats On Action Replay Max
You have to put Kingdom Hearts cheats on your Action Replay Max to get the cheats work. There are so many of them, here is some of them.

Results Kingdom Hearts Cheats Codes
Master Code (Must Be On) UQRN-ER36-M3RD5
Have All Trinities PMGE-KJ9D-X4WRN
Save Anywhere (press Pause to access the menu) 3QYW-CWCU-R0BCC
Infinite Munny VPPM-R14M-ZWPKR
Have Bambi Summon YU4F-PT9Q-YE82N
Have All Magic K8M2-4CUJ-NGJRP
Sora Codes GU3J-PQ0C-DA8JW
Max HP – Sora 1RDZ-B10M-TUZ21
Infinite MP – Sora UU9K-FMW6-FMCW2
Max AP – Sora 9A1Y-JGAH-T4W19
Super Fast Level Up – Sora 7F6E-HTP0-H3CD8
Have Ultima Weapon – Sora PWY7-X8R5-3YDKV

Well, hopefully those Kingdom Hearts cheats are really useful and can make you complete this awesome game in a fun way. Games should be fun, right?

Happy gaming.

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