Halo 3 Cheats

Use These Halo 3 Cheats To End The War For Good

Halo 3 Xbox 360

Halo 3 is a very cool and amazing game. At least more than 1 million people have played it on Xbox Live in the 24 hours since its launch on September 25, 2007 and more than 1 billion online matches have been played as of March 2009.

This third series presents the thrilling conclusion of the Halo series. As a Master Chief, you are required to be able to save the world from all kinds of threats that exist. If you feel that your job is too heavy, don’t hesitate to use Halo 3 cheats below.

Infinite Spartan Laser
You can use the Halo 3 cheats below to get infinite Spartan laser in the Halo mission.

Play the game until you encounter Sergeant Johnson. Then shoot him until he falls down and drops Spartan laser. Pick it up and shoot it at him. Don’t stop shooting him until he KILLS you. After you respawn, knock him down and grab his laser. After he gets back up, knock him down again and pick the new weapon he drops. This weapon should have infinite Spartan laser and will make your job easier.

Easy Experience
You will have an easy experience in Multiplayer mode by using the Halo 3 cheats below.

First of all, you must have 4 active accounts on your console which are all able to play on Xbox Live. Choose “Social” after you enter the matchmaking lobby, then “Rumble Pit”. You can sign your 4 accounts in the lobby

In free for all modes, you can earn experience points if you are in the top three. Start matchmaking, and it should find 2 additional players. You can simply do nothing once the game begins. When the game ends, your 4 accounts will tie for 3rd place, giving all of them easy experience points.

Bonus Grenades
These Halo 3 cheats are useful when you want some grenades badly.

All you have to do is to slash your enemy’s dead body with the Energy Sword for more grenades come out of it, in System Link or Multiplayer mode.

Special Halo 3 Cheats During Local Match or Replay
You only can do these Halo 3 cheats during a replay or local match.

Just PRESS and HOLD the following buttons for 3 seconds to toggle the effect on or off.

RB = Right Bumper
LB = Left Bumper
RS = Right Analog Stick
LS = Left Analog Stick

Effects Halo 3 Cheats
Hide Weapon / Lower Weapon LB + RB + LS + A + DOWN [D-PAD]
Panning Camera while Show Coordinates is enabled [HOLD LS + RS] Press Left on D-Pad
Show Coordinates / Camera Mode LB + RB + LS + A + UP [D-PAD]

Clever Respawning
Use the Halo 3 cheats below if you want to respawn outside the checkpoint.

When you play on the Legendary difficulty setting in Co-op mode, it’s recommended that one player keep the distance from the enemy at all times. If you do so, then if the rest of the players die, they will respawn just around the player that is farther back instead of restarting at checkpoint.

It’s All About Speed
If you want to move faster or act quicker that can save your time, you can use Halo 3 cheats below.

Reload quicker: If you’re an Elite or Spartan and your ammo is low, just press UP while RELOADING to reload quicker / instantly reload.

Recharge shields faster: In Forge mode if your shields are down, just press UP to recharge faster.

Melee quicker: Just press B then press Y(2),B rapidly to melee quicker.

Kill Wraiths Fast
Use the following Halo 3 cheats on Wraith to save time and ammo.

It will take about 5 to 10 shots to kill a Wraith if you aim at the LITTLE CIRCLE on its back and it will save your time and ammo.

Super Fast Spartan Laser Fire
The following Halo 3 cheats will make you fire your laser very fast.

Charge your Spartan laser in Forge mode until it’s almost about to fire. Turn into the monitor and fly ‘till you find a target. Before turn back into a human, just hold RT to fire the Spartan laser as fast as lightning.

That’s all the Halo 3 cheats I found. Hopefully you find them useful and you can complete the missions faster.

Happy gaming.

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