GTA 4 PS3 Cheats

Great Collection of GTA 4 PS3 Cheats

GTA 4 PS3 Cheats

GTA 4 is a must play game by PS3 fans. This game has cool gameplay, interesting story, a variety of interesting features, and stunning graphics. It’s no doubt, GTA 4 is phenomenal.

Here is a collection of various GTA 4 PS3 cheats you can use to make your game more exciting. Choose the cheats you need and have some fun.

Secret Map
If you want to know the location of all armor, vehicle, weapon, health, entertainment, ramp/stunt, and pigeon locations, then you need the GTA 4 PS3 cheats below.

Log into a computer at TW@Internet Café then put as URL. You then can view maps of all those locations mentioned above.

Repairing the Engine
The following GTA 4 PS3 cheats will fix your engine problem easily.

In case your ride breaks down and won’t start, just phone any number store inside your mobile phone or press 911, and the engine will start again.

Quick Repair
Just drive over a health pack when it’s in a vehicle, then your health is going to be renewed and any damage to your vehicle will certainly completely repaired.

You’ll need GTA 4 PS3 cheats above especially while playing online inside a vehicle which has caught fire.

Easy Health
You can use the following GTA 4 PS3 cheats to refill your health free of charge.

Just call 911 on your mobile phone to access a voice menu then dial “2” to have an ambulance. Once the ambulance comes, the paramedic will recover your health for about $1, 000. Don’t worry about your money. Immediately after he refills your health, eliminate him to obtain your cash back again.

GTA 4 PS3 Cheats Codes – Cell Phone Cheats
Use the following GTA 4 PS3 cheats on Niko’s phone anytime during the game to get different results. But REMEMBER that these GTA 4 PS3 cheats will prevent some missions and achievements from being earned. Therefore don’t save the game after activating the GTA 4 PS3 cheats below to avoid unforeseen problems.

However if you use the cheats to spawn a vehicle, you can save the game, load the game, and spawn another one. Your original vehicle will not disappear. Do these GTA 4 PS3 cheats in front of a safehouse at your parking space otherwise the vehicle will disappear before you spawn another.

Here’s the list of GTA 4 PS3 cheats codes you can use on Niko’s phone.

Result Password
Restore health, armor, and ammo 4825550100
Restore armor 3625550100
Remove wanted level 2675550100
Raise wanted level 2675550150
Get a selection of weapons 4865550100
Get a different selection of weapons 4865550150
Change weather 4685550100
Spawn a Jetmax 9385550100
Spawn an FIB Buffalo 2275550100
Spawn an Annihiliator 3595550100
Spawn a SuperGT 2275550168
Spawn an NRG900 6255550100
Spawn a Comet 2275550175
Spawn a Turismo 2275550147
Spawn a Cognoscenti 2275550142
Spawn a Sanchez 6255550150
Song information 9485550100

Easy Money

It’s one among GTA 4 PS3 cheats available you can use to acquire easy cash.
Locate an area with many people. Next, place your self a good distance away, and activate the “Spawn Jetmax” code. The boat ought to spawn over people, drop to them, and eliminate all of them without having increasing your wanted level. After that you can get the cash dropped by those dead people. You can continue doing this as long as you want.

Friendship Rewards
You need to make friendship with several people below to get special GTA 4 PS3 cheats.

GTA 4 PS3 Cheats How to Unlock
Health Boost (Call Carmen and select “Health Boost”) Get 80% Relationship Status with Carmen
50% off for all Clothing Stores Get 80% Relationship Status with Alex
Discount Guns (Buy weapons at a cheaper price from Lil Jacob) Get 60% friendship with Little Jacob
Remove Up to 3 Wanted Stars (Call Kiki and select “Remove Wanted”) Get 80% Relationship Status with Kiki
Chopper Ride (He will pick you up in his helicopter) Get 70% Friendship with Brucie
Free Ride (Call for a taxi) Get 60% friendship with Roman
Boom? (Call Packie for him to make you a car bomb) Get 75% friendship with Packie
Extra Help (A car of gang members will be sent to help you out) Get 60% friendship with Dwayne

Special Unlockables
The following GTA 4 PS3 cheats will give you special items to unlock.

Unlockables How to Unlock
Remove Ammo Limit Have 100% completion
Annihilator Helicopter Eliminate all 200 Flying Rats
Rastah Color Huntley SUV Finish 10 Package Delivery missions

Get Desert Eagle Early
If you want to have Desert Eagle before you can purchase it, just use the GTA 4 PS3 cheats below.

Eliminate the gun salesperson in Broker which has it equipped and take the gun from him. But beware that carrying this out may avoid you from making any kind of purchases in the future at this area. And, you’ll be chased by some bodyguards using shotguns.

There they are. Don’t hesitate to use those GTA 4 PS3 cheats to increase your fun while you try to conquer the Liberty City.

Happy gaming.

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