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Golden Sun Cheats and Secrets Revealed

Golden Sun GBA

Golden Sun is an amazing game for GameBoy Advance. The critics gave a positive response for Golden Sun mainly for sound, graphics, gameplay, battle mode, and the collection and manipulation of creatures called Djinn. Golden Sun has sold at least 1 million copies worldwide. For a GBA players, here are the Golden Sun cheats and secrets I found that hopefully can add to your enjoyment when playing this game.

Rare Items on Crossbone Isle: You can’t find the place on the world map. Crossbone Isle offers superior boss and rare items. If you want to go to Crossbone Isle, first go to Suhalla Desert. Explore the desert until you encounter a giant pink tornado. Let the tornado send you flying and you will land on Crossbone Isle.

Unlimited Training Level: You can train your characters to any level you want in Sol Sanctum. First you have to do is let Jenna die in battle, it’s easiest if she is at level 1. Do not revive her! Then, Garet and Isaac can train to any level you want in Sol Sanctum.

Destroying Weyard: After clearing of Sol Sanctum, the Great Healer will ask your decision about saving the world, just say NO. Exit the building. Then, you will have Bad Ending in Golden Sun by destroying Weyard.

Transfer Data: At the title screen, after completing the game once, hold R button and Left on the D-pad then press B. This will open a new option on the right called Send. This new option will make you able to transfer your clear data to a Golden Sun : The Lost age cartridge either by using GBA link cable or by a password.

Rename Characters: When prompted to enter a new name for Isaac/Robin, press Select three times. Enter a new name for Isaac/Robin, and now you can enter new name for Gerald, Garet, Ivan, Mary, and Mia. For other characters press Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right Up Right Down Left Up Select, then enter new names for them.

Back To Most Recently Visited Sanctum: Press and hold L, Start, and Select before loading the file. When file is loaded, Isaac and the gang will be back to most recently visited sanctum.

Unlock Battle Mode: After you leave the city of Vale, save your game. A new option will appear on the option menu. It means you’ve unlocked the Battle Mode.

Now you know about Golden Sun cheats and secrets. I hope you find them useful during your 30 hours quest in Weyard.

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