GameBoy Advance SP

Top Accessories for GameBoy Advance SP

By Yenoscyu

GameBoy Advance SP Accessories

GameBoy Advance SP is successful handheld gaming console. So far it has sold more than 40 million units worldwide. There have been many popular games that can be played on GameBoy Advance SP, such as Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

GameBoy Advance SP is a successful upgrade version of the original GameBoy Advance. This upgrade version includes a pocket-size, sturdy buttons, flip or folding screen, rechargeable lithium ion battery, illuminated screen, backward compatibility with all GameBoy Advance games, and compatible with most accessories available.

There are some interesting accessories for the GameBoy Advance SP that can add more fun when you playing the games. These accessories can keep you playing for hours and can also make your GameBoy Advance SP long-lasting.

Here are some cool accessories for the GameBoy Advance SP that you can consider to use.

Armor Case

GameBoy Accessories

Produced by Mad Catz, this durable accessory can protect your GameBoy Advance SP with a metal case. You can bring GameBoy Advance SP with style.

Price : $9.99 (Mad Catz)

Game Changer

GameBoy Accessories

With this accessory, you can plug up to 3 games into your GameBoy Advance SP simultaneously. You can select what games you want to play with a selector switch without removing any cartridges.

Price: $9.99 (Radica)

Multi-Link Cable

GameBoy Accessories

This cable is perfect for those who want to play multiplayer. You can connect several GameBoy Advance SP, GameBoy Advance or GameBoy Color easily. It’s a cross-platform cable.

Price: $9.99 (Mad Catz)

Wireless Messenger

GameBoy Accessories

You can send text messages or chat in real-time from GameBoy Advance SP up to three miles away. You can select the clearest channel to form a group on frequency hopping, battery will last for one week on a single charge, spread spectrum radio will automatically avoids interference, internal battery port, and built-in internal antenna.

Price: $1.85 (Majesco)

Cheat Code

GameBoy Accessories

This accessory definitely can increase your enjoyment in playing the GameBoy Advance SP. You can beat the game with so many pre-loaded codes including infinite ammo, health, and money. Unlocking secret characters, levels, and treasures instantly. You can customize your cartridge code list.

Price: $19.99 (Mad Catz)


GameBoy Accessories

Use this accessory to enlarge size, graphic detail, and colors of your GameBoy Advance SP game screen. Its compact design folds for portability during travel, protection cover folds to protect magnifying lens, and the easy clip-on design fits securely on your GameBoy Advance SP.

Price: $0.29 (Naki)

Ergonomic Grips

GameBoy Accessories

This grip will be very helpful when you have long gaming sessions. Ergonomic design will make you comfortable when playing GameBoy Advance SP. You’ll avoid hand cramps when using this device.

Price: $9.99 (Mad Catz)

Screen Protector


This accessory will protect your GameBoy Advance SP screen from scratches and smudges. Screen protector can be found in the market with various brands and packages.

Magnifier and Protector

GameBoy Accessories

Produced by Intec. It’s 2 in 1 accessory. It will protect your GameBoy Advance SP screen and also make your game screen larger with the magnifier. It’s very easy to snap into place.

Price: $4.99 (Amazon)

Invisible Shield

GameBoy Accessories

This screen protector is made by Zagg and has military grade patented engineered for GameBoy Advance SP. It will reduce a lot the appearance of fingerprints smudges and smears. Even believed, that this screen protector is also able to withstand key scratches and other sharp objects. It’s so thin that you won’t believe that your GameBoy Advance SP is wearing it.

Price: $14.99

That’s some GameBoy Advance SP accessories that I believe can make you play the games for hours and also can make your GameBoy Advance SP is more durable.

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