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Top 5 Choices of Free Online RPG Games

By Yenoscyu

Best Free Online RPG Games

There are numerous good online RPG games that you can find on the internet. Unfortunately, many of those games are not free. However, to expand their market, game developers are open free version of their online RPG games. In the end, you can get cool free online RPG games.

Game developers use free online RPG games as a promotional tool for the games they make. They expect players to upgrade their account into paid member. Indeed, you can upgrade free online RPG games just to get special items or certain features that aren’t available in free version. Actually you are not required to upgrade the game, because those free online RPG games are still playable without upgrading and can give satisfaction to the players.

Below I will be described at random order some cool free online RPG games that I found on the internet. Let’s check it out guys.

1. The Lord of The Rings Online

It is one of the best free online RPG games in 2010 and has been played by millions of people around the world.

This game set in an amazing JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth like you see in its movie. You’ll play as one of four Free People, which are The Elf, Man, Hobbits, and Dwarf. Your task is to protect the Company of the Ring and give peace in that world. After establishing who your hero is, then specify the class, determine the place to start the adventure, finally, just be prepared for the marvelous adventure.

Like other good free online RPG games, the game has great gameplay, beautiful graphics, and captivating music. You will get the update frequently, so there is always a new adventure for you to a new place and you will be able to hone your skills.

To access certain features or special items, you can upgrade your account from Free to Premium and VIP.

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD Equivalent
RAM: 512 MB Free
HDD: 7.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 8500 or 64 MB GeForce 3

2. Perfect World

Created based on Chinese mythology. You will play as a character from three races available, which are the Human, Winged Elf, and the Untamed. You will battle at sea, air, and land in the vast world with a turnover of day and night, sunny to rainy season on a regular cycle.

This game has captivated millions of fans around the world for its depth story, gameplay, and various features in it. You can create your own character, build a guild and fight with each other, you can fight while on your mounts, you should not have any loading when entering new areas, and your ability will change with your decision to join the side of good or evil . It’s another best free online RPG games available.

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 MHZ Intel P3 or equivalent
HDD: 2.5 GB free
Graphics Card: 32MB 3D Accelerator graphics card
DirectX: 9.0c

3. Allods Online

This game is based on the popular series Allods, which has a setting in space (the Astral). You are required to join one of the factions that are fighting by first determining the race of the six available. At level 35, you can begin to build Astral spaceship that can be used for adventure in the world which is a mix between fantasy and sci-fi. It is estimated there are nearly 1,500 quests and 300 unique creatures you can find in this game. Another choice of free online RPG games.

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.5 GHZ Pentium 4 or better
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 3 GB free
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9600+ VGA Card

4. Runes of Magic

It’s become one of the successful free online RPG games available. At least 4 million people registered playing this wonderful online game.

You will adventure in Taborea, a world full of magic and mystery. There are several classes that can be selected, such as Knight, Mage, Scout, Rogue, or Warrior. Armed with a dual class system and the ability to create or enhance weapons and armor, you are expected to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles to find long-lost kingdom.

There are at least 1,600 quests in world of Runes of Magic that is full of vicious and dangerous creatures. You can see data the creatures you encountered through Collector’s Cards. Each character has unique skills and able to perform powerful combo attacks and mounts like war horses.

This game is absolutely worth to play among other best free online RPG games.

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: 2.0 GHZ Pentium 4 or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB or more
HDD: 3.62 GB
DirectX 9.0 compatible with 128MB RAM Video Card

5. Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO)

DDO is set in huge world and fierce, Eberron. You will be dealing with legendary monsters, find hidden treasures, evade traps, and solve the puzzles. To deal with a variety of malignant beings, unlike other free online RPG games, you have the ability to control the movement of your character, not just clicking the mouse. It takes a good reflex motion and ingenuity to win against the enemies that exist in this game.

Other than fighting with a ferocious monster, in the DDO you can find the arena death match (Player vs. Player), auctions, NPC hirelings, crafting, gambling, forming a guild, powerful tools for finding a social group, or planning a raid. You can do the raid by using 12 players.

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: 1.6 GHZ Pentium 4 or equivalent with SSE
RAM: 512 MB

Graphics Card: 64 MB Hardware T&L -compatible video card
Network Connection: 56.6 K modem
OS : Windows XP, DirectX 9
HDD: 3GB, 5GB for high resolution

Those are some free online RPG games that you should play.

Have fun.

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