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By Yenoscyu

Online Shockwave Games

To find great free on line games are not easy. You have to select them from so many gaming sites. Regarding this, I already wrote in my article entitled How To Find The Best Free Internet Games Online For You. Here I will only explain one more perfect place to get a huge cool free on line games.

The great place to look for awesome free on line games none other than Shockwave. Here you can find so many cool free on line games in one place. Everyone can play free on line games here, whether young or old, boys or girls, all can feel 24-7 non-stop online excitement.

Shockwave has a huge library of free on line games with a ton of great categories to choose from, such as Family & Kids Games, Card & Board Games, Music & Photos Games, Word Games, Hidden Object Games, Time Management Games, Racing Games, Action Games, Strategy Games, Shooter Games, and Adventure Games. The free on line games at Shockwave are always updated daily so you’ll always find new free on line games here and make the library virtually endless.

Shockwave has an interface that allows you to search free on line games you want to play easily. There is a brief explanation for any free on line games to be played and also has the information about what the most widely free on line games played for each category.
Here I will give some examples of so many free on line games you can play in Shockwave.

Street of Dreams

Street of Dreams

This is one of simple free on line games yet alluring and addictive you can play. Street of Dreams is an unusual word game. There are a full 10 round game that will keep you entertaining and workout your brain. All you have to do is matching the words on the street with the correct home’s category to build your dream house. You can upgrade the house for each correct answer with cool amenities such as pet rock, palm trees, converted garage, and swimming pool. As you progress, the fun gets more challenging with more categories available. You should match the word as quickly as possible with the correct categories.


Panic At The Zoo

Panic at the Zoo

I guess the kids will love this one of cute free on line games on Shockwave. In this game you have to run the zoo. You have to use the mouse to do so many things as you progress. The game requires you to keep moving as you feed and care the animals, take tickets, sell ice cream and souvenirs to keep visitors happy and score high points. There are also interactive scenes or fun mini-games such as giving giraffe her medicine and washing the elephant. At the beginning of the game, there are only two animals you have to care of, but as you progress there will be more including shark and T-rex. Try this fun game for the whole family.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

One of most played free on line games on Shockwave. It’s absolutely challenging and entertaining. You must use good strategy to eradicate the zombies from attacking your home. Fend them off with special weapons such as walnuts, cherry bomb, and peashooters to confuse, slow, or weaken the zombies. There are more the kinds of these special items as you continue the game. Think fast or the zombies will eat your brains. I guess this is one of great free on line games you should try.



Another free on line games you can play:
The Daily Diff
Super Text Twist
Daily Jigsaw
Sara’s Super Spa
Word Roundup Bingo
Typer Shark
Shockwave’s This Day In History: The Game
Jumble Solitaire

The Drawback In Free On Line Games
Free on line games on the Shockwave are fun but you must see an advertisement before playing free on line games. In addition, most of the free on line games are not the full version. It means, there are some features you don’t find unless you play the full version.

Shockwave offers a membership for gamers who want to play online games without any ad interruption, have unlimited access to the exclusive games, and even you can actually get the big cash prizes. The membership program called Club Shockwave and Shockwave Unlimited.

Club Shockwave offers its members the access to exclusive version of the best games such as Bingo, Daily Jigsaw, Solitaire, and Mahjong. You will get tokens, win trophies, and have a chance to play instant win scratchers or enter sweepstakes for some big cash prizes. If you want to learn more about Club Shockwave just CLICK HERE.

Shockwave Unlimited offers its members unlimited play on all downloadable games, no ad interruptions at all, brand new games each week, and full access to all Club Shockwave’s superb online features. To learn more about Shockwave Unlimited you can CLICK HERE.

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Another cool games you can play:

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure
Fix-it-Up II: World Tour
Catwalk Countdown

That’s all the explanation about Shockwave’s free on line games. It’s another great place for free downloadable games, free on line games, and brand new games each week.

Happy gaming everyone.

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