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Here Are the Free Math Games Online to Improve Your Kids’ Math Skill

By Yenoscyu

Free Math Games Online

Some students have trouble when learning math. They get stress even before the lesson begins. In their brain they have imagined how complicated math is and all they want to do is to get out the class as quickly as possible.

Math, actually, is very fun. Through proper way, kids could easily understand the math. One powerful way to learn math is by playing Free Math Games online. In this learning system, kids will easily absorb the lessons given as provided in a comfortable atmosphere and through their favorite media, which is playing games.

Playing Free Math Games online allow kids to enjoy their playing time as well as train their math skills at the same time. Kids won’t experience stress when playing these games. You can play Free Math Games online wherever and whenever you want, depending the deal you make with your kids. To get great results, you should accompany your kids when playing Free Math Games online.


Great Free Math Games Online
There are so many Free Math Games online you can find on the internet. Those games are available in an attractive appearance, wide screen, and can be played for kids for various age categories. To help you find Free Math Games online, the following I will give you some examples of Free Math Games online you can play with your kids to improve their math skills.

1. Penguin Jump Multiplication

Free Math Games Online

It’s one of exciting Free Math Games online you can find in Arcademic Skill Builders.

This game will teach kids about multiplication. Player will play as a penguin who must return to his home while answering multiplication problems by jumping on the iceberg that has the correct answers. Whoever reaches home first wins.

You can compete with 3 other players around the world in this game. At the end of the game there will be statistics that show the accuracy of your answers and you can print the trophy you get.

With a wide screen, interesting animation, and easy to play, this game is one of the Free Math Games online you can play together.

2. Math Man

Free Math Games Online

If your kids like Pac Man, then this game from the Math Playground is one of Free Math Games online that you can try to improve your kid’s math skills.

This game has a similar interface to Pac Man. The difference is, here player is required to solve math problems by eating all the ghosts that have the numbers that can solve the equation.

3. Tug Team Pony Division

Free Math Games Online

This game is another one of cool Free Math Games online you can find in Arcademic Skill Builder that will teach the division in a fun way.

You will run one pony team doing tug of war with the other pony team. To power up your pony, you need to click the correct answer. How fast your pony will tugs is determined by how quickly you answer the math problems (division). You’ll win if your team tugs the other team past the buoy.

This game has a cute picture, wide screen, easy to play, and up to eight people can play at once. It’s one of Free Math Games online you can add to your collection.

4. Math Arcade

Free Math Games Online

Math Arcade from FunBrain is a collection of cool 25 Free Math Games online which most of them are interesting flash games. Before you play it you can determine the gender and level of difficulty desired. You don’t have to complete all those 25 Free Math Games online at one time. You will be given a password after you play one game to use when you want to continue the Math Arcade at another time.


Several Free Math Games online that can be played in the Math Arcade, among others:

Bumble Numbers
In this game you will play as a bee that will catch the dandelion seed in a number form that flies in the air. Drop the number into the flower that has a matching equation by clicking the mouse button.

Moon Rocks
This game is one of Free Math Games online that will train math skills and memory at the same time. The goal of the game is to reveal the math problems and their matching answers. All you have to do is to shoot the asteroid on the left and right of the screen. If the two sides are equal, then you’ve got a match.

Math Basketball
The goal of Math Basketball is to put the ball in the hoop. You will perform various actions to win the game, such as “inbound the ball to your teammate” and “catch and shoot”. To do so, you have to solve several math problems. You can use the on-screen scratch pad to help you solving the math problems.

It’s one of sports Free Math Games online you can play in Math Arcade.

In this game you must complete the fill-in-the-blank math problems that appear on the ocean floor. Find and grab the answer with Inkster then drop it into place while avoiding snapping piranhas and angry crabs.

This is one of interesting water adventure Free Math Games online you can find in this site.

With an attractive flash games, wide screen, and easy to play, the Math Arcade from FunBrain is definitely a collection of great Free Math Games online you must try.

Those are some examples of Free Math Games online that will make your kids love the math even more. Hopefully by playing those Free Math Games online the kids will know how much fun math is. Your kids may be addicted to this learning approach.

Happy gaming and learning.

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