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How To Find The Best Free Internet Games Online

By Yenoscyu

Free Internet Games Online

There are so many types of free internet games online that can be played, such as Word games, Shooting games, Card games, RPG games and Sports games. Indeed, it is very fun to play those free games scattered around the internet. You can spend your time in a fun way and some kind of free internet games online even can make your brain stay healthy.

Although playing free internet games online is exciting, but you must realize that the pleasure you get may be disturbed by several things. Long loading time and the emergence of annoying ads are commonly found in free internet games online. You can’t do anything about it. In addition, several free internet games online is not a full version but limited version made in order to make you feel curious about the game and eventually want to buy the full version. You certainly are not required to buy the full version, unless you are infatuated with the game.

Not all gaming sites provide fun or quality free internet games online. Some of the games may seem too simple or not made serious or even too difficult to play. Below I will give some gaming sites that provide best free internet games online for your enjoyment.


Clash of the Olympians

This site provides a huge collection of free internet games online. Nearly 5,000 free internet games online can you play here which are divided into the categories such as racing, sports, skill, action, adventure, puzzle, board & cards, and multiplayer, where each category has its branches.

Free internet games online available in this site are very entertaining and can make you addicted to play it. With bright and colorful picture, pleasant music, and easy to play, this site is worth to be visited. Some of its free internet games online are Snail Bob, Uphill Rush 3, Bomb It 2, Bloons Tower Defense 3, Pet Party, My 3D Farm, Grand Roulette, and Clash of The Olympians.

Here is one of so many interesting games you can play.

2. FreeMMOGamer

The Lord of the Rings Online

This site is suitable for fans of free Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. Here, you will be given the links from various free MMO games for you to download and play online. For example, The Lord of The Rings Online, Runes of Magic, Perfect World, and Dungeons & Dragons Online.



3. Gamehouse

Paradise Quest

This site also has hundreds of free internet games online that are divided into various categories such as Hidden Object Games, Mahjong Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Word Games, Arcade Games and Kids Games. Some of the free internet games online available here are not full version. You can download them to get a trial version.
Currently, the most played free internet games online include Treasure Hunt, Ancient Sudoku, Wheel of Fortune, Dress Up Rush, Text Twist 2, and Bigfoot – Chasing Shadows.

4. Big Fish Games

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

It is another gaming site that provides “millions” of cool free internet games online. You can play free internet games online here without any advertising shows up. But unfortunately, some free games here are not full version. Those free games are divided into several categories such as Time Management, Puzzle, Hidden Object, Marble Popper, Brain Teaser, Word, and Strategy Game.

The most popular free internet games online here include Catwalk Countdown, Burger Shop 2, Pingifish, The Lost Kingdom Prophecy, Hidden Objects Room, Shanghai, and Algerian Patience Solitaire.

5. Nickelodeon

Super Brawl 2

You can find the best free internet games online for kids here. More than 1,000 free internet games online can be played. Here you can play Nickelodeon characters and shows, such as Spongebob Squarepants, Dora, Diego, Avatar, and Fanboy & Chum Chum, in various categories like Action, Adventure, Funny, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, and Sports. Some great free internet games online you can play, among others, the Super Brawl 2, House of Anubis Game, Spinzitsu Smash (AD), and Nick Dodgers. With colorful and bright picture, nice music, and easy gameplay, this site is definitely suitable for kids.
Nickelodeon site also features some other cool free internet games online from several other gaming sites. These games include Draw4Play from AddictingGames and Homerun Hero from Shockwave.

Other sites for finding the best free internet games online are:
Yahoo Games

Those are some gaming sites that could be the place to find the best free internet games online. You should go there to prove it.

Enjoy the games.

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